Is enlarge maxx a scam

Enlarge max and other companies are using bad practices to sell their products, most companies allow the customer to try their product for a length of time and if the customer doesn’t like it the customer can get a refund in the case of Enlarge maxx they are doing things in reverse they offer trial offers and don’t give any refunds. They make their product seem like they’re free when in fact they’re not. Not only that their products are over priced and provide little information about their ingredients and their effects. Don’t fall for saw dust placebo pills.

Enlarge maxx Price

I don’t like being forced into subscriptions and I don’t like having to pay ANYONE a monthly fee for ANYTHING. That being said make sure you read the terms and conditions before you buy Enlarge maxx below is the price this can be found at

PURCHASE OPTIONS: You have one purchase option:
The 10 day trial option: Pay only shipping and handling of $4.95 for your initial trial. The 10 day trial gives you a total of 14 days (10 days to use product plus 4 days to handle for processing and handling) to cancel your subscription by phone or by email.

If You have not cancelled your subscription in 14 days from ordering, We will charge your credit card an additional $74.95. Every 30 days thereafter we will ship you one month’s supply and charge you $74.95 plus shipping and handling charges of $4.95. You may cancel your subscription at any time by phone (1-800-596-6820, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Eastern Time Zone) or by email ([email protected]).

Legit companies do not need to stoop to tactics like this to take customers money. If you want to try enlarge maxx don’t let me stop you just don’t say i didn’t warn you

Enlarge Maxx and Sytropin

I personally wouldn’t mix the two they both are involved in the same trial offer type deal. This is going to cost a person allot of month per month and both companies are not providing enough information about their products. I would stay away.

does muscle max and enlarge maxx work

The same goes with muscle maxx i’m guessing as you can tell by the names of the two the are both related and i recommend reading the terms of both before committing to either because to me this is longer more expensive road and plus theres no guarantees. my reviews on both are the same i don’t recommend i won’t call it a scam because i’m past that stage and would not try either, just beware of the charges of both.

Grow your penis Risk Free

call me old fashion but i prefer a money back guarantee on my products i also prefer that the products i am using either be made in either the United States or U.K so at least i know it won’t do harm to my body. If you want to learn more about you can add three inches to the size of you penis and have better sex click the link below

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  1. Dan says:

    I actually ordered the free trial and the shipping and handling charges were only $1.95 and i got a one month supply for that one low price. I cannot tell you how the products work as i have not yet began using it but dont go crazy when these people say its costs alot to get nothing…they wouldnt know.

  2. Eric says:

    Ive been taking 2 pills of Enlarge Maxx a day religiously for over a month now and absolutely no results. Ive also been doing the so called “exercises every day and nothing. Im very disappointed and pissed. Ive tried calling the company quite a few times and no answer even after 45 mins of waiting. Please do not buy this product, it does not work and they will keep billing you.