Fetoo.com Review Is It a Scam?

So based on my reviews, I leaned towards calling Fetoo.com a scam, with fake members. I can’t call it legit because just being honest I’m not sure who is legit and who is fraudulent. If you’re looking for Fetoo to be a dating website in which you can meet people, I’d say probably not, based on my reviews, it appears to be one of the dating fraud sites.

Currently, Fetoo is owned by “xsmobile SP Z.O.O. it’s a Polish-owned company. their concept reminds me of ALT.com which is a little outside the adult dating websites I usually join, but I did try ALT.com for a few months because I’ve been a member of Adult Friend Finder for years and wanted to review them for myself.

Personal thoughts regarding Fetoo.com

“Fetish too” or Fetoo is a niche category, for alternative daters, I’ve attended parties like these before back in my sex, drugs, and rock & roll days and there’s a community out there for these types of alternative daters. I’d argue that as far as live webcam goes Live Jasmin offers a much larger selection, but I know the people who are into this type of ALT lifestyle and they see the world differently.

I’ll admit that reviewing Fetoo was a bit of a challenge for me because I like to be fair and what I’ll say is I do think Fetoo is a scam and I don’t recommend them. You’ll want to read the bottom of the Fetoo homepage which states the following:

In addition to the thousands of new registrations every day, you will have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment world, although real meetings with them are not possible.

My final conclusion with Fetoo.com is that I don’t know the real members from the fake members.

Final thoughts regarding Fetoo.com

Based on my reviews Fetoo is a scam, seemed legit at first, I did sign up and from my end, they’re a scam, they give you some free credits, and whomever you message will quickly drain your free credits and then you have to buy credits to keep chatting.

I will not be recommending Fetoo.com at this time. With that said I don’t tell people what to do with their time or their money so if you want to join Fetoo don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When it comes to alternative dating online, I’m lacking in much experience in this area, I’ve been a member of Adult Friend Finder for years now and I’m a pro using their services. But their ALT dating service, I’m not an active member so as far as alternative dating goes they’ve been the best option I’ve tried online to date.

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