FuckBuds.com Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews Fuck Buds found at FuckBuds.com is not legit and is indeed a scam, if you’re going ot sign up for them I highly recommend that you read their terms and conditions first. Although the FuckBuds Terms and conditions can and of themselves be a bit deceptive it does make key statements about its service you should understand prior to joining.

FuckBuds.com Terms and conditions

So in the modern era of internet dating, I personally pay close attention to the excessive use of the word ‘flirting’ because usually when I see the word ‘flirting’ being thrown around a ‘dating’ website it usually means it’s either a scam dating website with a lot of fake profiles or it’s a live webcam sex chat service struggling to get off the ground.

Live Jasmin is a legit and successful live webcam sex chat service, it’s successful because it’s user friendly, it allows people to meet, it’s advanced and the pictures of the members you’ll see on Live Jasmin can be verified without joining their service which has helped their platform to expand tremendously.

These ‘flirt’ sites struggle to get off the ground so they result in online dating gimmicks, so in FuckBuds.com terms it states the following:

Fuckbuds is an online web platform in English, intended only for Users and created to ease virtual encounters between men, women and couples, in an erotic environment, giving them the possibility to develop their social network or contacts.

Now, I don’t know about you, but don’t you hate it when you don’t know if a member is legitimate or not? because Live Jasmin is transparent I don’t have to wonder what their service is.

Final thoughts regarding FuckBuds.com

One of the topics I don’t talk about often is money, but FuckBuds.com is one of the more expensive services out there, you’ll definitely want to read section 7. DESCRIPTION OF PACKAGES AND PRICING ON FUCKBUDSto learn more about their charges, Live Jasmin offers way more and charges way less, so you’ll want to keep that in my mind prior to joining.

Based on my reviews FuckBuds.com is not legit and is a scam, I won’t be recommending them to anyone at this time, any questions or concerns you have regarding FuckBuds.com should be sent to their staff directly.

So when it comes to adult dating the gold standard is Adult Friend Finder, based on all the adult dating websites I’ve tested and reviewed, Adult Friend Finder remains the only ne in which I met legitimate real people, in person.
A brief history about Adult Friend Finder its origins begin in around 1996, it’s an American owned company and initially, it was primarily a Swingers dating website.

Based on demand it has morphed into an adult dating service and with the 2020 pandemic ha obviously added additional features to its service. I only recommend what has worked for me consistently, to the women reading this post, they do take your safety into consideration and you will have a plethora of options, as I can attest for the women reading this post successful men do use this service, but I recommend being a member for at least few months to meet more people and get better acquainted with the services.


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