What is the best international dating site? Overseas dating sites vs Physical meetings?

International dating isn’t for everyone, you might think it is on the surface, but when you actually get into what international dating really is, you’ll soon realize why most men, in particular, don’t want to get into it. If you’re taking international dating seriously, you’re first going to have to have some basic skills in international law and basic economics, because especially on the front end, international can be expensive.

Why do I bring all of this up? Because there are quite a few international dating websites, however, most international dating websites are for people who are online interested in an online relationship, Foreign Affair, on the other hand, approaches the situation differently.

The reason why this website, in particular, is the best international dating website

The reason Foreign Affair is the best international dating website is that it’s focused on meeting in person. Yes, Foreign Affair has great online features that in most instances aren’t available anywhere else, but Foreign Affair backs up their online international or overseas dating site with events that revolve around meeting in person.

One of the first things that come to people’s minds when they think about international overseas dating websites is what if I get scammed? Well, Foreign Affair takes that excuse away by offering dating events. These singles tours offered at Foreign Affair allow you to meet single people in person.

Testimonials, Testimonials and even more testimonials

Most international dating websites at best have pictorial testimonials, most pictorial testimonials on most international dating websites aren’t even verified, one of the first things you’ll notice when you go to Foreign Affair are the types and the abundance of testimonials they have.

Foreign Affair has written testimonials, pictorial testimonials, audio testimonials, and video testimonials, they also have MARRIAGE success stories posted all over their website. I have to also remind the reader that not everyone who uses Foreign Affair leaves a testimonial, so the testimonials you’ll see are only the people who were gracious enough to give Foreign Affair the credit it so rightfully deserves.

If you’re living in America you’ll be glad to know that Foreign Affair is American owned and operated, Foreign Affair has a physical location an actual phone number and English speaking support staff with years of experience in international dating. If they’re the first international dating company you use, don’t expect the same level of service anywhere else. Based on my reviews they’re the clear favorite. What’s the best international dating website?

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