Savage Grow Plus Review Is It a Scam? ( and others reviewed)

So yeah, to start, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this post had it not been for the spammers sending me repeated emails about “Savage Grow Plus” every day with different email addresses. Based on my reviews SavageGrowPlus is currently found at a bunch of different websites like,,,,, etc, is a scam and not legit.

The spam email bombing was what made me do the research on “Savage Grow Plus” otherwise I wouldn’t even know “Savage Grow Plus” was a thing. When I did the research turns out that are all promoting the same thing and there is no LEGITIMATE evidence that suggests Savage Grow Plus is legit, all the evidence points to it being a scam

Personal Thoughts Regarding Savage Grow Plus

I’d say overly hyped with no evidence to support its claims, the testimonials appear to be fake and there are no legit studies. What is happening is a lot of scams are trying to duplicate the success of VigRX Plus. Is Savage Grow Plus fake, are the complaints legit, are there any side effects? are the before and after pictures fake? most of these questions I answer with Savage Grow Plus appears to be mostly a marketing gimmick because when I do the research on the ingredients and the sources, Savage Grow Plus is a scam.

When it comes to VigRX Plus what I always like to point out is that the independent testing was perfect, it’s not like VigRX Plus got a 100% passing grade, but compared to what’s out there it’s still the best amongst its peers and that’s why VigRX Plus doesn’t have to resort to spamming people because consumers can make an informed decision about purchasing VigRX Plus.

Final thoughts regarding SavageGrowPlus

Based on my reviews “Savage Grow Plus” is not legit and is indeed a scam, I will not be recommending it to anyone at this time. With that said I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money so if you want to try SavageGrowPlus don’t let me stop you, just don’t say you weren’t warned. If you’re looking to cancel you can contact their support currently at 302-404-2568. They use “BuyGoods”, you’ll have to contact them regarding your order. All the best!

To date VigRX Plus still remains tops on my list, they’re a Canadian company and they’ve been dominating this space for some time now. VigRX Plus is not perfect, but it is the best, based on INDEPENDENT testing, most of their peers are unwilling to do independent testing usually because either they’re selling placebo(sugar) pills or their product is merely a private labeled product repacked and sold, VigRX Plus is unique to their company and they’ve been proven to use only the best because ingredients on a bottle mean nothing if you’re getting low-quality ingredients

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