Review Is It a Scam?

I know some people only skim through these posts, which is one of the reasons I’ve shortened my reviews to less than 1000 words intentionally. So based on my reviews is legit and not a scam, yes I know this post was long overdue, being that skout has been online since around 2007 I believe, but because of my other obligations, I never got a chance to actually bunker down and attempt to try to use their APP.

Personal thoughts regarding

As I personally made the transition from adult entertainment, recruiting etc. into other ventures which currently include online dating and reviews I began noticing more and more sites like Skout popping up all over the net which for me are derived from adult dating websites like Adult Friend Finder, in became more clearer to me that Adult Friend Finder appeared to have the right idea about adult dating all along. is although legit has a few flaws, that Adult Friend Finder addressed along time ago which had to do with member retention and staying within the confines of the U.S law. So when you go to the website in 2020, you’ll notice that there’s no indication that it’s a dating website or APP.

There appears to be a conscious effort by the owners of their service to make it social networking APP that has a dating component to it. Now why is that you ask? Well, knowing what I know it has to do with them staying legally compliant, I’ve stated plenty of times that Live Jasmin shouldn’t be ignored.

Live Jasmin is a live webcam sex chat service whose membership has been rather steady and the reason is because their focus was on what a lot of users want online ultimately which is live webcam sex chat, once you play that balancing act, you kind of see the problem has.

Final thoughts regarding

Again base on my reviews they’re legit, not a scam, I’m not an active member of as I found it very difficult to connect with someone using the Skout services. With that said their a top tier service currently and worthy of your consideration, any questions or concerns you have regarding Skout should be sent to their admin.

When it comes to adult dating, I hope people are starting to understand that Adult Friend Finder had it right all along, sure the road was bumpy, but they definitely paved th way from all of these other services.

Now, unfortunately Adult Friend Finder was created in 1996, and being that they have millions upon millions of users in their database that were stored there prior to the internet evolution, you can see for yourself how Adult Friend Finder paved the way for other adult dating services to exist.

I bring this up because Adult Friend Finder similar to had to be careful not to get on the radar of the government, which is why certain services that would have existed in their platform don’t exist.

It’s not to say us users at Adult Friend Finder don’t have our own connections or relationships, but some things must stay between consenting adults, which is why some of posts about their services will remain rather vague. Some people get it, others don’t but it’s good to have legit adult dating services online because at one point people wanted to shut adult dating sites down!

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