Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews, you’d be wise to read the fine print located at the bottom of the webpage prior to joining. Based on my reviews, Your Local Hookup is not legit and is a scam; however, they’re a wee bit transparent about what they’re not! In a nutshell, “Your Local Hookup” currently owned by MORGANITE LTD., and currently found at (Your Local Hookup), is a scam and is not legit. Currently, the information I have regarding MORGANITE LTD. can be found below.



As you may have guessed or already known, is not a dating website and instead is a “flirt” website, which is a fake dating website filled with fictional members. You’d be wise to read Live Jasmin before YourLocalHookup because, at the very least, you’ll know members are REAL PEOPLE Terms & conditions

If you’re going to join consider reading their terms, especially section 2. Description of Service where it states the following:

Last but not least, you expressly understand, acknowledge and agree that the Site may create and maintain some AI profiles on the Site in order to keep a continuous level of interactions during low attendance hours. Indeed, some Users of the Site may actually be created by the Company and, therefore, the information, text, and pictures contained in these AI profiles do not pertain to any actual person, but may be included for entertainment and educational purposes only (life events, experiences, interests, and geographic locations are all fictitious and nothing contained in any such company-managed profiles or messages is intended to describe or resemble any real person – living or dead).

Any similarity between company-managed profile descriptions or images and any person is purely coincidental. Messages sent from our company-managed profiles may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and/or may be generated by third parties hired or contracted by us.

You expressly authorize the Company to utilize such profiles in order to enhance your experience on the Site, collect data regarding User preferences and experience, and evaluate User compliance with our Terms. Please note that such company-managed profiles are identified by a green dot containing a white heart icon.

After reading the YourLocalHookup terms, I hope you understand why I feel Live Jasmin is far better. t the very least, when you join Live Jasmin you’ll be getting transparency. You’ll know you’re actually chatting with REAL HUMANS as opposed to AI bots? I don’t know, maybe some of you like that sort of thing which is why all I do is provide you with what I believe is information that can help you make a decision that suits you.

The pictures of the members you see at Live Jasmin won’t be fictional; they’ll be real, verifiable human beings, whereas with as stated in their terms, might be AI profiles.

Final thoughts regarding

I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money; based on my reviews, I don’t think is legit and do think they’re a scam. Join them at your own risk. I will NOT be recommending them at this time; any questions you have regarding their service should be directed to their staff directly.

I began writing reviews because I got scammed by a review website that had a top 10 of its most recommended dating websites; after getting scammed, I decided that I’d share what I know. It’s not a secret that when it comes to adult dating, Adult Friend Finder is number 1.

There is no close second; there really is not a better alternative; I have no top 10 list, and I’ve tried more dating websites than most people know to exist; with that said Adult Friend Finder does involve real people and voluntary interactions.

A brief history Adult Friend Finder began in 1996 as a Swingers dating website, their service and the services they offer are based on demand and, of course, following the rules, they’re a U.S based company, and all the services they offer are confined only to the regulating legal authorities I only bring this up because in order for Adult Friend Finder to stay afloat there are services that they can’t offer explicitly.

This is why I often say, be a member for an extended period of time and get involved; there’s a reason why so many members have remained members of Adult Friend Finder for such a long time; I’m writing this in 2020, a reminder that they’ve existed since 1996 and their success has been because of their adult dating service, which based on my reviews is the best.

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