Review Is It a Scam?

Not sure where all the sudden excitement cam regarding but I got quite a few people askin me about Affair Alert wondering if it’s a scam or not. Based off prior experience I don’t sign up with any dating site that associated with Because I’ve found that most of the dating sites associated with typically aren’t that good at least for me they aren’t.

Personal thoughts regarding

I wouldn’t so much call a scam it’s more like I think they’re not worth it. Adult dating about 5 years ago wasn’t what it is today in the past most people knew how to tell the difference between the legit sites from the scam ones. But ever since a company called Adult friend Finder was valued at over $100 million dollars everybody wanted into the adult dating industry. This in my opinion is the reason why there are so many adult dating scams online today.

Personally after reviewing their terms and and their contact information I won’t be using Legit adult dating companies typically have an actual physical address that they put in their terms, their privacy policy or on their contact page. To the best of my knowledge legit American dating companies are required to do this. I personally try to avoid sites that don’t add this information. Because it can be hard to trace them if you feel you were wronged by them.

Final thoughts regarding

After review I do not think AffairAlert is legit and won’t be recommending them to anyone at this time. That being said if you want to sign up with them don’t let me stop you I wish all the best!

To those of you interested in knowing the only adult dating site that has continued to produce for me so far is Adult friend Finder. They’ve been online since 1996 they’re an actual company with a physical address and they cost a lot less than other similar dating services that cost 10 times more. The problems most people have with Adult friend Finder is they give up to early.

Nothing beats experience if you only sign up for one month don’t expect much to happen. I’ve been using Adult friend Finder since 1999 I know first hand that they’re legit they have over 40 million REGISTERED members and there’s more going there than any other dating site I’ve tried. What I will say is if you’re shy, insecure or you lack confidence and or persistence Adult friend Finder probably isn’t for you. Like I’ve said to everyone in the past I’m a freak I’m not some pencil pushing snob whose looking to getting married anytime soon! If that’s you don’t join this site

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