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A Big welcome to Nuraka your number one Online Advertising Blog. So what do you want know? Oh yes you want to know what we do well at the moment Nuraka.com is nothing more than an Advertising blog. yes you guessed it if you have a website and your are looking for some additional advertising to get the word out we are definitely the place to be.

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Getting Your Post Accepted by Nuraka.com

In order for your blog post to get posted your advertisement must be at least 100 words. You can’t just write any old junk either your words have got to make sense. We are not asking that you write an essay (feel free to write an essay if you want) But your advertisement must make a bit of sense and you have to give the reader some sort of information on the product or service you are recommending.

Please read the Online Advertising Blog’s Posting Rules before Joining

We do not cater to every single site so before you sign up to avoid wasting your time we highly recommend you read our posting rules which tells you what sites are accepted and what sites won’t be accepted. We also monitor advertisements before they are sent out this is so one person doesn’t ruin the whole blog for everyone else.

Use Nuraka Wisely and Nuraka will help you

Nuraka is an advertising source use it wisely don’t abuse it and it will reward you with back links and increased traffic be good to yourself provide your readers and subscribers with good information and they will come back again and again if you are interested in Joining the Online Advertising Blog known as Nuraka.com click the button below

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