Review Is It a Scam? what an interesting name is what I said to myself when I first heard about this adult dating website. At first I honestly thought that was part of the friend finder network. Apparently at least at this present time (April 2012) has no connection to the friend finder network. Presently has a worldwide alexa rank of about 100,000 meaning that in terms of the amount visitors receives daily it ranks 100,000+ where #1 is the best.

Personal thoughts on

At the moment seems to be growing in membership but I’m not sold on the idea that Arrangement finders will be a successful online adult dating site. This industry is extremely competitive and is filled with huge corporations that currently have a strangle hold on this huge industry. That being said using online dating sites are typically inexpensive for as little as $40 you can meet someone online? That’s a small price to pay in my opinion and I’m sure if you’re considering joining that there fee to join will be easy for to pay for.

Final thoughts on

Personally I wouldn’t join because currently its membership is too small. All that said don’t let my personal views on stop you from joining they have some unique features and they’re inexpensive to join. My experience in regards to adult dating networks is stick with the bigger networks, the men and the women there are more serious and typically adult dating sites are a lot more fun than dating sites such as or eHarmony at the moment in my opinion Adult Friend Finder is the best adult dating site online

Adult Friend Finder currently has over 40 million members and it’s getting bigger every single day. For the record Adult Friend Finder is a swingers dating network so when you visit them you’ll notice that there will be couples there looking to have some fun. Adult Friend Finder also has video chat rooms, chat rooms and an online dating experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Is Adult Friend Finder for everyone? No of-course not but in my opinion you won’t find a LEGIT dating site like Adult Friend Finder anywhere else online.

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