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This review is actually long overdue, and the main reason I haven’t written about is because it’s owned by the company that owns Based on my reviews is legit and no it’s not a scam. What many of you may remember about my reviews of anastasia date which focuses on east european women matchmaking is that they’re foreign owned so if you live in America for example in my opinion in would be wiser to sign for a U.S based international dating service like Foreign Affair instead. Some of the messages pertaining to were actually quite funny.

One person asked (and for the record I respect your privacy so I don’t reveal names) Do I really have to carry my Asian girlfriend’s purse to show her that I care, in which I responded that depends on the woman. When I dug a little deeper it came to my attention that this user was referring to a Youtube video on the webpage where the speaker who appears to be reading off a teleprompter gives advice to men who order flowers for their Asian girlfriends.

This young lady and I’m a paraphrasing here advises men to trust their Asian girlfriends and also mentions that Asian women often test men by acting like kids to get their attention, or they’ll test men by asking them to carry their purses. Well what I’ll say is yes women all over the world test men because they want to know that their man is 100% interested in them. But based on my experiences a lot this stuff has to do with you and the tone you set when you’re dating a woman. There are ways to show a woman you care without carrying her purse. If she insists on you carrying her purse as a power struggle it’s upto you continue on with that relationship.

Personal thoughts regarding

competition is good, the last few months I’ve written in length about legit and scam international dating sites. AsianDate is legit there are fraud international dating sites online, but Asian Date is not one of them. does have phone support, online support etc. Their payment gateway is U.S based. Why I prefer Foreign Affair is that their entire operation is U.S based. Also the moment you join Foreign Affair it’s clear that what Foreign Affair wants to do is get you to meet the women in person as opposed to just chatting virtually.

Also as I’ve stated and it’s important U.S citizens understand this IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) is real and if you don’t do things the correct way you may find your international relationship very difficult. I’ve written in length about IMBRA before, a lot of the features that some people consider scams are there not because Foreign Affair or want them to be there but because they have to abide by the IMBRA act. I don’t say this to detour you, I say this so you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

Final thoughts regarding

AsianDate is not a scam, it’s legit and should be considered by anyone looking for international love. Based on my reviews they have honest billing. With that said Asian Date is not a U.S based company, I often write in length about Foreign Affair for this very fact. I also advise anyone interested in international dating be aware that there are costs involved with international dating so if your budget doesn’t allow it right now, you may want to consider passing until your budget allows you more financial flexibility.

When learning about the pros and cons of international dating a lot of people tend to opt for domestic dating instead. The pros with international dating is that age is not as much a concern there as it is in western societies. Social safety nets, Welfare and freedoms tend to supplement many women’s desires to remain single longer in the western world, whereas in other nations where there is no publically funded safety net women put higher values on hardworking nice men simply looking for love and marriage.

I often write about successful finding happiness using Foreign Affair but I also make sure I explain that the men should be financially stable prior to trying services like these. Domestically being that I come from the adult entertainment world my solution dealing with the secular world is for people to just be their true selves and that’s why I’ve been part of the Adult Friend Finder community for years now.

The change in attitudes from 1999 – 2017 are amazing from my vantage point, what also amazes me is that Adult Friend Finder was able to see this a long time ago. Adult Friend Finder has features that cater to the alternative dating world that still don’t exist on traditional dating websites today. When women give Adult Friend Finder a real chance its hard for many of them to return to traditional dating.

Adult Friend Finder if you remain an active members gives you glimpse into where the world is heading. Will there be people who remain with tradition, yes of course there will be, but the adult industry has only grown the french president married an older woman and the U.S president married a younger woman, we’ve all heard stories about politicians – our leaders engaging in activities that ordinary people do.

The people tend to care less and less about political scandals these days. The world is changing and we the people have the chance to make sure that we all remain lawful while at the same time remaining true to ourselves. My point here is that alternative adult dating is becoming the norm. I wish you all the best, life is short live it to it’s fullest.

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