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Received quite a few request regarding Bang Locals because their phone number 1 888-929-4847 was clearly displayed at the bottom of their website showing transparency. Most of the people wanting answers said they found a lot of profiles with fake pictures on them, which led them calling it a scam. Personally my reviews aren’t based just on fake profiles because if you go to most of the free dating websites majority of them have fake profiles, fake pictures, stolen pictures pictures of internet celebrities you name it free dating websites have it.

Most dating websites have fake pictures. It’s an impossible problem to stop. My reviews stem from actually reviewing the website which is why at times it takes me longer to publish my reviews than other so called reviewers recommending a bunch of different dating sites or apps. I don’t do top 5’s I don’t even do top 2’s. With me as all my subscribers know I tell you what I use and allow you to decide. Now based on my reviews which is also known as is not legit and if you’re going to join I highly recommend you read their terms of use prior to joining. Terms of Use

Many of you who follow me often notice that I refer to trying  Live Jasmin over many of these fraudulent sex based dating sites and apps. Why do I say this? Because at the very least when you sign up for Live Jasmin a live webcam sex chat service what you see is what you get. There’s no employees hiding behind fake pictures writing you encouraging you to sign up to chat to a person that probably doesn’t exist on the scam dating website. If you read the “Advice from staff Users” section of the Terms of Use it clearly states the following:

The Service may from time to time include messages from staff who respond to “relationship” questions. Any statements made by staff are provided for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended, and should not be taken, as specific advice in any particular circumstance. Such statements do not constitute counselling of any kind. Users with personal problems or who may be seeking personal advice applicable to their personal situation are urged to consult with a qualified counsellor with respect to such issues. Additionally, from time to time the Service will employ staff to encourage member involvement, participation, and for entertainment purposes. All staff users are indicated as such in their profiles. staff are not compensated to have any contact with members other than through email, private message or instant message dialogue.

Does sound legit to you? Now I have to comment on something. It’s strange that I even have to write this in 2017 but I must say that at the very least allows you to print their terms of service. A lot of the new scam dating websites do not allow their members to print their terms of use/terms of conditions which is something I do not like. Yes is foreign owned. Apparently they’re owned by

15 Bromet Close
Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 4LP

I had a hard time confirming this which I found strange because it’s usually very easy to find information about U.K based businesses. Now one of my subscribers wrote me saying that he had issues with their billing. As many of you know when I do my reviews for sites I suspect are scams I use prepaid cards. I have no affiliations with them however when I called their phone number 1 888-929-4847 they appeared rather helpful. For those of you outside of the U.S this is outside my level of expertise as majority of my subscribers tend to be in North America. Email them or you may have to do what I did when I got scammed which was to report my credit card as breached or stolen. Again the money stuff I don’t like getting into because it’s not really my thing.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews is a scam I wouldn’t join them if I were you. However with that said I don’t write these blog and forum posts to tell people what to do with their time or money. I was once scammed I’ve been there, that’s the main reason why I write and do these reviews. With that said we should all be adults here and take responsibility. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Bang Locals should be sent to their staff directly.

When it comes to adult dating personally I use Adult Friend Finder which as I’ve stated many times over began as a swingers dating website. If you’re from the San Fernando Valley chances are you’ve heard of Adult Friend Finder or you know someone whose used it. Swingers dating has always been a niche, in the early 2000’s I didn’t write much about Adult Friend Finder because there was no need too. Scams like Bang Locals didn’t exist allow me to add that Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996 I don’t know too many scams that last 20+ years and counting….

I used to like the exclusivity of Adult Friend Finder however since all these foreign dating websites started popping up all over the place and scamming people, not to mention the foreign hackers attacking our way life along with the requests for legitimate adult dating websites I began writing about Adult Friend Finder. Now I have to disclose that Adult Friend Finder is not perfect. Location does play a factor, and your profile and activity play a factor also. If you’re going to sign up for Adult Friend Finder try using some common sense. Most of my subscribers that gave some effort found success. Anyway as usually I wrote way more than I planned too. I wish you all the best, life is short live it to the fullest.

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