Is a Scam?

Before you sign up for any dating website it’s important in my opinion to do a little background check on company itself. The most important factor in my opinion before joining a dating site is to look into how long the dating site has been online, how many members does the site have, and who does the dating website target. After you’ve done this research I think it’s equally important to read the terms and conditions of the dating site.

I read the terms before I enter my credit card information and also to learn more about the company behind the site. If you glance at the benaughty terms you quickly find out that they’re apart of the Cupid plc network. If written about Cupid Plc before not only is a subsurdy of Cupid plc but it’s also a part of the “FRINDR ltd”. That being said I highly recommend reading terms and conditions before signing up namely the section that reads “Services”  because in this section which can be found by going to it clearly states: terms and conditions

Main Service Provider creates user profiles for use by our customer support representatives for the support, marketing and improvement of the Services. FRINDR’s customer support representatives are encouraged to speak to members and also stimulate conversation between members by making introductions and recommendations. They may, from time to time, send electronic communications to ask how their members are using certain aspects of the Services. This is a vital part of the Services Main Service Provider provide.

Final thoughts on

In one way or another every single dating site is guilty of wrong doing in one way or another you will even hear people complaining about free dating sites that being said from my personal experience it’s always a better idea to go with the larger swinger sites that have been around the longest. Even though may not be a complete scam it’s still not as big as or as successful as Adult friend Finder. What makes Adult friend Finder so successful in my opinion is because their marketing team recruits women with the same intensity that use to recruit male members.

Big dating websites are better

Anyone that’s tried adult dating sites and by tried I mean actually contacted women and actively participated in the site will tell you that most of the smaller adult dating websites only target male members so what tends to happen at sites like is that they become one big “ball fest” Adult friend Finder on the other hand is often promoted in places where women go both on and offline. Adult friend Finder is actually larger than match and eHarmony and has been online for than a decade. I’ve personally been using Adult friend Finder on and off for 5+ years now.

There’s one thing I will say about Adult friend Finder however is that shy guys and mean guys don’t get anywhere, I always find it odd whenever I see a new person joining who thinks that these women don’t have feelings and treats them so rude or disrespectfully. Try and remember that the women on this site are real and can respond and choose not to respond if they want too. Another thing I will point out is you might want to be a bit patient I’m not telling to wait years to meet up with someone but try to remember that females and even to an extent males might be a bit cautious before meeting you in person. Again this goes back to me saying try to active.

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