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To start the first thing I would like to say is is a part of the fling network which is one of the largest adult dating networks online, I’ve been a member of the fling network more than once and I’ve had success I believe twice in total using he fling network. That being said the last two times I used or Fling I’ve been unsuccessful. It’s important to understand that adult dating networks are flooded with spam. What’s different about the legit adult dating networks however is that they don’t participate in the scams or spam for that matter.

Personal thoughts on

I like the Black fling network and I like some of the changes they’ve made the problem I have with this network however is I don’t think they give enough incentive for people to join. Some of the sites the use to bring people to their network are great however it’s the overall experience I find for both sexes that makes me decide not to renew my membership more than twice. When it comes to adult dating from my view it’s all about incentive especially for the females that are bombarded with emails daily, you have to give females an incentive and also males an incentive to stick around this is where I struggle to like the network.

Final thoughts on

I don’t write or give my opinion to tell people what to do with their money if you want to sign up for go ahead. Personally I don’t think it’s a scam however that being said I haven’t had much success using the fling network if you sign up I wish you all the best. As it stands in June 2012 and I can attest that this next adult dating site works because I had success using it this past weekend.

Adult Friend Finder in my personal opinion is currently the best dating networks and also one of the best web cam, live cam, live adult chat dating websites online. It’s important to note that Adult Friend Finder is a swingers dating site and what separates Adult Friend Finder from it’s competition is well for one it’s been online for more than a decade and in reality Adult Friend Finder is the reason in my opinion where most of these new scam dating sites cam up with the idea to send people fake emails.

One thing I have to point out about Adult Friend Finder is that there are a lot of scammers, gold diggers, escorts and generally a lot of money hungry weirdos that frequent this service. If you get a chance to meet or talk to the people behind Adult Friend Finder you’ll quickly learn that they’re all very nice people however being that they choose to cater to the adult dating community they have an uncontrollable problem that plagues every dating site which is FRAUDSTERS that use fake pictures and create fake profiles to contact people. Adult Friend Finder is not behind this but because Adult Friend Finder is initially free to join these people find there way in.

When I talk about other dating networks I’ll typically point out that scam dating networks intentionally create fake profiles to contact people to get people to sign up Adult Friend Finder on the other hand is a legit dating site that has a spam problem. That being said Adult Friend Finder has gone far and beyond to give more incentive than any other adult dating service to get people to join and also to retain these members this is why I speak so highly of them.

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