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If you’re curious to know if CamStream is a scam? Based on my reviews the answer is no. Cam Stream is very much legit and quite frankly the only negative reviews I’ve heard of stem from the members feeling as though they were shortchanged by the individual they were chatting with. That aside is part of one of the more trustworthy networks online ‘streamate’ via ICF Technology, Inc. As many of you know I’m very opinionated in this arena so I will add a few things in regards to comparison.

Personal thoughts regarding

In adult entertainment and in everything else I’m all for competition, one of the driving forces in the Live Sex Web Cam Video Chat arena is that there are a lot of different networks but only a handful have been successful in getting their respected brands to the top of the heap. Now as many of you know it’s not a secret that I’m a fan of Live Jasmin. I’ve been involved in the adult entertainment sector for a long time now and I’ve known quite a few people who have tried to start their own live webcam network and what these individuals typically try to sell to the models is that they will earn more if they work for them. Well that sounds great but the reality is quite different.

The most important thing for a member of a live webcam sex video chat service is EYEBALLS. In an effort to keep this post short Live Jasmin is the largest and best live webcam video chat network primarily because of the way their network is structured. Too many members to count and a lot of hot attractive members online 24/7/365. a great option but they’re not the tops of my list. However is still a very good second option and I’m glad they’re around to keep the industry competitive.

Final thoughts regarding

As most of you will notice that I try not to write about money when I do my reviews. The only thing you need to know about CamStream is that they will not scam you and take money from your account unnecessarily. They’re a very honest company based on my reviews and I’ve never had any billing related issues with Yes they’re legit based on my reviews they’re not a scam. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Cam Stream should be sent to their staff directly. They have phone, email and live chat support available so any confusions you have should be sent to their staff members directly.

The history of live webcam video sex chat is rooted in phone sex chat. It’s basically the evolution of phone sex so one of the reasons for Adult Friend Finder‘s success stems from their adult dating service, integrating different aspects of online dating and live webcam sex chat, to provide a more enjoyable experience for their users. In most dating websites what happens is you like a bunch of dating sites and hope for a reply or a match. With Adult Friend Finder what they did was they combined different aspects of online dating to give female and male users more of an incentive to log on.

I bring this up because Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996 and because of it’s success websites strictly dedicated to live webcam sex chat like or Live Jasmin began to appear. To end this post it’s important to know that Adult Friend Finder began as a swingers dating website.

When they began in the late 90’s adult dating was a taboo topic, Adult Friend Finder an American owned company basically paved the way for a bunch of different industries and unfortunately one of the reasons I write these posts is because a lot of the new dating websites trying to live off of Adult Friend Finders success are scams. So in closing if you’re looking for a service that does more than just live chat consider the aforementioned option.

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