Review Is It a Scam?

From what I’ve seen has been growing its membership mainly on the male side. It seems to be targeting a male audience and that is one of the main reasons I avoided even signing up for this one. As many of you are seeing there are a lot of new adult dating websites popping up this is happening in large part because of the successes of a few the name tells me all I need to know.

Personal thoughts on

I’ve met a lot of women using online dating I’ve also joined a lot of different swingers clubs and the major concern most women have with joining certain adult dating sites is their personal safety. It’s a fact that most people both men and women will quit a dating website after just a few days which is why I’m really skeptical about most of the new adult dating websites popping up. Advertising and word of mouth usually bring people to adult dating websites but word of mouth is usually what will keep people active in certain adult dating communities.

Cheating house wife dot com is not a website I recommend to people nor have I heard, seen or experienced any success stories coming out from this website.

Final thoughts on

I don’t write to tell people what to do with their money I won’t call a scam nor will I say it is legit what I will say is I personally don’t recommend it at this time. The basis of my argument is that it seems to me like is primarily targeting male members which tells me most of their real members are probably men. That being said if you’re reading this you should be an adult and capable of making your own decisions best of luck.

Presently in September 2012 my personal favorite adult dating website is Adult Friend Finder. The reason I select Adult Friend Finder as personal favorite adult dating website is because I’ve had the most success using this site. I recently returned home from a swingers get together in California that I was invited too and the only reason I even met these people is because of my involvement with Adult Friend Finder.

I’m not going to act like everybody will have the same success using Adult Friend Finder as me I don’t know most of you all I will say is I’ve tried and signed up for all the big adult dating sites and the only that has been consistent for me has been Adult Friend Finder. It’s important to know that the reason there are so many new adult dating websites is because of the success of older adult dating sites such as Adult Friend Finder I’ve been saying this for years that I think Adult Friend Finder is ahead of the adult dating world things that Adult Friend Finder implemented years ago ( Adult Friend Finder has been online for over a decade) some dating sites are just adding these features now.

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