Christian Wife Swappers Preach The Word Of God Through Swinging

A lot of people that have been following my work and consider getting into alternative lifestyles are often shocked how many people are already into swinging. I keep telling folks that this is not a small community, now obviously most of the people in the swingers lifestyle aren’t upfront about it and the reason for this is actually quite simple. The reason most people aren’t upfront about being swingers is that a lot of them have children, in some instances, they’re even grandparents or great-grandparents.

For people outside of the swingers lifestyle, it’s hard for them to conceptualize, I usually find that this is because they’ve fallen victim to the brainwashing of society. Now, let’s get into the heart of why people swing? The reason couples swing actually revolves around women understanding what men are and how men operate. A man often needs a reason to come home at night, a reason to wake up in the morning a reason or purpose to go to work. If a man’s life is work, provide for the family, rinse and repeat that man will in most instances be depressed, miserable or cheat with other women or cheat with prostitutes.

Housewives usually take the initiative to make sure their husbands are happy, men are usually the heads of the household, but women or housewives are usually the people keeping the house a home. A woman who brings home sexual surprises is usually a wife that a husband will never want to get rid of. When I first got involved with  Adult Friend Finder I knew this instinctively because in the adult industry a lot of the performers are in open relationships.

If you click the link below you’ll notice a few things, first thing is that the individuals involved in this launched their own website and secondly yes these people are Christians, no even though you’ll read a lot of comments from people who say there’s nothing Christian about being a swinger, the truth is a lot of the people involved in swinging don’t consider themselves atheistic

Christian Wife Swappers Preach The Word Of God Through Swinging – Video

Now, as you dive deeper into swinging what you soon find out is that members of the LGBTQI community have long been in swinging, which is one of the reasons why even in its early stages Adult Friend Finder including them into their platform. For the people living square lifestyles, in the 1990’s this was something they found very hard to understand, but of course, for those of us familiar with the San Fernando Valley, this was a no-brainer move for Adult Friend Finder. So of course when they launched there was of course backlash which I actually think helped Adult Friend Finder because it forced them to be innovative, which eventually led them to add additional features to their platform doing their best to make sure that their adult-themed dating website wasn’t boring.

This as many of you now know led Adult Friend Finder to be tops in this industry online and offline which is why now you see so many other adult-themed dating websites trying to copy them. I should point out that Adult Friend Finder started in 1996, the video above was made around 2014, which is 18+ years after Adult Friend Finder was established. So for my subscribers, I just want to make sure you understand a partial history of how this industry was created and why it’s been thriving for so long.

It’s one of those issues that revolves around the concept of freedom, if you believe in freedom and liberty it’s not a good idea to pretend to be someone you’re not, it’s not a good idea to pretend that a man is not going to be a man or a woman isn’t going to be a woman. Humans have desires, in many ways a marriage is nothing more than an economic decision because who you love is entirely voluntary. Although the video above sounds a bit extreme the truth is the only thing extreme about the video is that those Christians had the gall to go on camera and tell the truth.

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