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I will try to keep this post as short as possible because I’ve already written about a sister site of which is Both of these sites are part of a large network of online dating sites called Cupid plc. Cupid plc is also responsible for the site My personal thoughts on the entire Cupid plc network of sites are that they’re mediocre at best.

My personal thoughts about

I’ve personally had a horrible experience with so I wouldn’t dare try Because of my disability I can honestly say that I’ve become very passionate about online dating by that I mean I will review these sites thoroughly to see if in fact it delivers for me did not deliver and considering the size of I would have assumed a much better result than what I was given. Personally I think majority of members will be bots. What annoys me most about however is the fact that they don’t disclose this information in their terms and conditions which I think is totally wrong.

Final Thoughts on

Personally I recommend avoiding but don’t let my opinion stop you from trying them. If you do sign up with them however I can almost promise that you come away with the same if not a similar experience that I’ve had. One thing I will say is that no dating website is perfect all have their flaws including match and eHarmony but if you’re looking for adult rated dating website that delivers consider visiting Adult friend Finder.

They’ve been online since 1999 and if you give it some effort you’ll see why it’s my favorite swinger’s site. There are lots of different women there all of them interested in a variety of things and if you can just be yourself you’ll see why I rank it number 1 it’s a very nice community of likeminded individuals

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