Review Is It a Scam?

I recently wrote about another cuddle service based website and I had to take my time doing my review regarding Cuddle Companions, being that this is a new avenue I’m familiarising myself with. Now as all of my subscribers know I don’t do the whole 5 and 10-star fake review stuff, I actually do real-life reviews and my results are based on actually meeting and interacting with real members. So to answer the question is a scam? The answer is NO, based on my reviews CuddleCompanions is legit. With that said based on my reviews what you’ll want to make sure is that the person is an actual real person.

Personal thoughts regarding

Now, what’s interesting is when I signed up for some of the profiles of members I saw on their website I actually say on my previous review of, this is one of the reasons it took me so long to do this review because I had to see which members were real and which were fake. I say this because I typically use proxy services when I do my testing so I might see one profile located in NY on and that same profile picture is located in Denver on Cuddleup.

This is what lead me really dive into this stuff. So my conclusion was that has more legitimate profiles than does cuddleup, but what I will say regarding is that their PayPal payment system bothers me. It’s kind of amateurish from my perspective, as many of you know I come from the adult entertainment industry and well, let’s just say Paypal isn’t always the best payment choice when it comes to gray area social websites. It’s okay when there are multiple payment options but when it’s the sole option, it’s not always the best choice.

That aside is American owned company and they’re a registered business owned and operated by Mimico LLC so they’re definitely worthy of your consideration. For me personally, the whole cuddling thing, not really my style, sounds better in theory than it does in practice. The platform is very well thought out, which is an indication to me that they have a potential. One of the reasons the live webcam sex chat service Live Jasmin has been so successful for so long revolves around their excellent platform, so when I see a well thought out platform it’s usually a sign that the site might be around for a long time.

Final thoughts regarding

Again, based on my reviews is legit and not a scam, Now although I know it’s legit it’s still up to you to protect yourself, some of those deposits are large, for my testing I was price shopping looking for the most attractive at the lowest price and being frank, I felt cheated, not because I think it’s a scam but because it’s well… cuddling. Sure, I understand what many of you are thinking and it’s the same thing I thought, but don’t forget it’s called “Cuddle Companions” any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

For myself, I find it better to meet like-minded people in the right setting one of the reasons I’ve been a fan of Adult Friend Finder for so long comes from the original theme of their service. Adult Friend Finder began as a swingers, dating site, in a time where it was in demand in the San Fernando Valley, this is where Adult Friend Finder is rooted and of course it’s since morphed into so much more adding in features that prevent it from being boring like most of the other dating websites.

But what should surprise people the most is when Adult Friend Finder began? If you’re new to this Adult Friend Finder began around 1996, that’s 22+ years ago as of this publication. Why it survived is because similar to there’s an incentive to join and remain a member. There’s an incentive for women, there’s an incentive for men and with all the features included in premium memberships, you’re more shielded from the nonsense that happens in many of these free services. Nothing perfect, but I’ve been on record for calling them the best when you compare them to any similar service.

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