Review Is It a Scam?

So to start DateMyAge located at is owned by DMM Solutions Inc, which is the same company that currently owns AnastasiaDate. Now, for the record, I’ve made it clear in prior posts that although I don’t recommend AnastasiaDate they’re not exactly on the list of my favorite international dating services.

The reason I say this is because International dating has more to do with meeting in person than it does online chatting. So, in short, is a scam? Based on m reviews, Date My Age is legit and not a scam, however, I won’t be recommending them at this time.

Personal thoughts regarding

I’m a believer in bringing love into the world, I actually started writing blogs about these topics after being scammed from a fraudulent dating website, I joined a scam dating website because of fraudulent dating review site, that listed that dating website as #1 out of the 10 they reviewed. Because I have the means, I began reviewing as many dating websites as I could and because of this I’ve been able to narrow my list into my top 1 list.

So whenever I write positively about a dating service it’s because I use it!. The reason why I believe Foreign affair is a superior international dating service is that Foreign affair focuses on meeting in person. Yes, Foreign affair similar to has their online dating option, but what differentiates Foreign affair from is that they focus on in-person meetings.

The members you see on Foreign affair are available for you to meet if you have the cojones to me them. Foreign affair is an introductions service with an online dating component to it.

Whereas similar to most of the other international dating services focus on online dating, Foreign affair is all about meeting in person. There is nothing wrong with what DateMyAge is doing, they provide an in-demand service and if you’re interested you can give them a try.

Final thoughts regarding

Again, based on my reviews, DateMyAge is legit and not a scam, although I’m not calling a scam, this shouldn’t be confused with a recommendation or an endorsement. I am fair, I don’t consider their service to be fraudulent in any way, I do recommend reading their terms as they have some policies in place you ought to be familiar with before joining. Any questions or concerns you have should be directed to their staff directly.

When it comes to international dating, I often to try and remind my readers that you don’t have to be alone, Foreign affair doesn’t force you to date your age, Foreign affair is an American company that believes in Freedom. Adults can date adults, age is nothing but a number and Foreign affair brings people all over the world together.

If you’d like to date internationally, I highly recommend you check out Foreign affair they have audio, video, pictorial and written testimonials of success stories all over their website. Although Foreign affair is primarily a dating introductions service, I’ve watch them evolve into a company offering more and more online services.

Foreign affair also has a physical address, it’s not a simple dating website or dating APP, this is a full-blown service in which many of the staff dedicate their lives too, which is something I’ve learned and it’s the reason they’re #1 on my list for international dating services.

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