I’m beginning to see a huge push in the penis enlargement pill industry. I guess the more people who are fooled into this industry the bigger and more powerful this industry gets. The company getting the most focus at the moment seems to be It’ really up to you to believe what you want i know there are a number of men being drawn to these websites because of late night television and porn sites but all i will say is consult your doctor before you try any of these products. and other pill products think for yourself

My doctor told me that these pills are nothing more than placebo pills. I know for most of you speaking to your doctor about something like this is terrifying, to those people i guess you will just have to learn the hard way. A placebo pill is pill that does NOTHING!!! except charge your credit card a fee every month. If there was a magic penis pill that could grow my penis i would be all over it. It would be on the news, there would be be men addicted to it because they were so impressed with the results i mean really think about for a moment.

What about the side effects?

Remove the marketing component, remove the excellent marketing job both the and website and take a serious look at their presentation. Another thing i want to point out. Have you ever heard of a pill that works that doesn’t have any side effects??? Viagra and Cialis both come with side effects and these pills work temporarily, I am not here to tell you this or that is a scam just use your common sense. Last thing i want to point out is which at the time i am writing this January 2011 it does not exist i’m not calling anything a scam just use your brain.

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How Do I Get a Bigger Penis Safely

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