EasternHoneys.com Review Is It a Scam?

Being that Eastern Honeyspresents itself as an international dating website, I would have assumed that their focus would have been on actually meeting in person, however, the issue I have with EasternHoneys is their lack of transparency. Below is a preview of how EasternHoneys.com presents itself

Is a premium dating platform with an international focus. We present men and women from different countries with an opportunity to get acquainted and build a lasting and mature relationship.

Based on my reviews, I lean more towards EasternHoneys.com being a scam more than I do believe it to be legit. With Facebook, Twitter and all the many APP’s it’s easy to meet people online from all parts of the world, the challenge is to meet people from all over the world in person.

EasternHoneys.com Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of Service

So I began contributing to this blog, because I was scammed, when I got scammed the receptionists told me I should have read the terms and conditions aka the fine print before I joined, making matters worse when I was scammer, the company was foreign-owned, which equated to a very complicated process with my credit card. Since then I’ve made a habit to print out the terms prior to joining anything online and when a company like EasternHoneys.com makes it difficult to do so on their website, automatically I assume they have something to hide.

So if you’re curious why I think EasternHoneys.com is a scam, that’s why, also I’ve seen many duplicates of the EasternHoneys.com website, which also turns out to be scams. As an example, bravodate.com and EasternHoneys.com currently have very similar web designs. Adding to why I don’t like EasternHoneys.com is I can’t find their physical address, they don’t have easily accessible phone support as of November 2019 and their focus appears to be online dating.

In comparison Foreign Affair which is an American international, introductions service that also has online dating features, they’re very transparent and are IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) compliant. I know when you’re behind a computer at times you may be tempted to strip the person you’re communicating with of their humanity, meaning you don’t take into account that this person you’re communicating with has feelings, a life etc. but in real life, things don’t work like this. Foreign Affair revlves around meeting in person, it revolves around their testimonials, the Foreign Affair testimonials which they’re transparent about include audio testimonials, video testimonials, written testimonials pictorial testimonials, plus they have an actual radio show and a dedicated staff.

The point I’m trying to make here is Foreign Affair is a full-fledged international dating service based in the United States. They’re very transparent and they’ll really make you consider if international dating is for you. Because as I’ve written about many times, international dating isn’t for everyone.

The reason the women outnumber the men at Foreign Affair because only a fraction of the men have come to the singles tours. Women want to meet you in person, if you’re too scared to do this, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the desired results. The brave men who show up, wish they had done it sooner because international dating really is about conquering your fears. Many of our ancestors were adventurers, well, now many of us are complacent and this is okay, but the men who take risks typically get the desired results.

Final thoughts regarding EasternHoneys.com

With an east Asian theme, EasternHoneys has an appeal that I assume some people will like. Personally I won’t be recommending EasternHoneys.com to anyone at this time, their lack of transparency is the main reason, I also don’t think they’re legit, I wouldn’t call them a scam either, I didn’t sign up, because I don’t see any testimonials, nor do I know if their members are real or fake or if EasternHoneys is just another live webcam service in disguise.

A lot of companies have been trying to duplicate the success of Live Jasmin, but these companies are using deceptive tactics to do it. I will not be recommending EasternHoneys.com at this time and questions or concerns you have related to EasternHoneys.com should be sent to their staff directly.

As far as international dating goes, if you’re serious it would be wise to at least consider Foreign Affair you won’t be worried if you’re going to get scam, instead you’ll wonder if Foreign Affair is really for you. The only reason the women outnumber the men during these single events is that most men never show up. It’s really that simple, if you show up to an event in Thailand, the Philippines or China, chances are you’ll be outnumbered by the women, the reason is that most men wouldn’t have shown. The singles events happen once quotas have been met, which is why you’ll often read about me telling subscribers months in advance to join us.

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