Review Is It a Scam?

When I see Erotic ads I’m reminded of this site called sexsearch which at the time was the first adult dating website that I know of that had an Online Emissary Feature. Although I can’t prove it I think this feature came from spammers who used to spam free adult dating websites. In the past and those of you that have been using adult dating since the late 90’s know what I mean. There were attempts from quite a few webmasters to start 100% Free adult dating websites but what happened was spammers would join and sign up as pretty women and lure people (mostly men) away and then get them to send them money.

As website owner myself the number one problem you have is spam and monitoring spam especially when your site has over 100,000 members is hard. Honestly it’s almost impossible to monitor spam, maintain your website and make a profit if your dating website is free. This is why typically adult dating websites started charging a fee, that being said most adult dating websites don’t make it hard to cancel nor do they use an Online Emissary feature. terms and conditions

Sexsearch is one of the first sites that made feel like I was being robbed and has a feature people interested in joining should know about. If you want to cancel your account with them you must cancel your account 5 days before your next renewal date. I advise anyone who is thinking of joining to read their TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE as of today May 2013 this can be found by going to the section I would pay close attention to is “11. FEES AND CANCELLATION” and also “14. Online Emissary™ Feature”. Those two sections tell you important things you need to know about

I have the opinion that instead of signing up for a person might be better off signing up for a live web chat community like Live Jasmin where at least you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Final thoughts on

If you follow me you know I don’t like to call any website a scam in the case of I do think they’re legit but I HIGHLY recommend that you read and review their terms and conditions before signing up. I personally would NEVER recommend Eroticads to friend under any circumstance. All that said if you want to sign up don’t let me stop you. I don’t write to tell people what to do with their time or money because I don’t like being told what to do in my life. If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re an adult capable of making your own decisions so do what’s best for you I wish you all the best.


As some of you know or can tell I’m bit of a freak I like sex and like partners that aren’t afraid to show their wild side I consider myself a free spirit so when it comes to adult dating I’ve tried them all and like other people I’ve met that are similar to me I’ve come to the conclusion that as far as adult dating goes online Adult friend Finder is the best. From my personal experience they’re the best from leaps and bounds. Disclaimer*** adult dating isn’t for everyone if you’re idea of internet dating is you expect the site to do everything for you, you got it wrong. Personally I’m an active member Adult friend Finder its a swingers dating website and truth be told had it not been for all these crappy adult dating websites popping up I think Adult friend Finder would have had even more members than it has right now.

Over 20 million registered active members worldwide, I’ve known about Adult friend Finder since 1999 but from I’ve been told it’s been around since 1996. What scam do you know lasts over 16 years? I’ve met a lot of people because of Adult friend Finder and one of the common conversations I have is what other people do wrong. It’s your life behave how you want but be warned if you act like an idiot don’t expect outstanding results I know some people get overly excited when they think they can meet people over the internet. But remember if the prettiest girls and the most handsome guys might have to wait month’s before they meet anyone.

Try and remember that the people you’re talking too are real and when you write or chat the same way you develop an image of who they are in your mind they’re doing the exact same thing with you. If you’re going to sign up please use a bit of common sense I write this long post mainly because I think many of you have the wrong concept of online dating. Anyway I don’t want to rant so best wishes to all my readers and remember if internet dating isn’t working out for you find more options!!! Good Luck!

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