Review Is It a Scam?

The first time I encountered the first thing that came to my mind was which is a site I’ve never liked or ever had success with. That being said is not a website that I would trust for a 100% hook up guarantee. Something else I would like to comment on is their claim that their website is 100% free all I will say is when you sign up you will see how free they are. terms and conditions

When it comes to any site that looks like sex search I will always tell people to take a look at their terms and conditions before signing and the part I highly recommend that people should look at is the section 14 that talks about their “Online Emissary™ Feature” if you visit this page on the Erotic love website you can learn for yourself all about this interesting feature. My personal reviews and experience with sex search forces me to look at the terms and conditions of any site that resembles it. If you’re interesting in signing up I highly recommend you take a look that feature.

Final thoughts on

As far as adult online dating goes is not an adult website that I would personally recommend I won’t call it a scam nor will I call it legit I’m just not a fan of how they operate. Their claims of millions of members could be true however I don’t trust this site so I won’t recommend them. Don’t allow my personal thoughts to detour you from signing up if you like what they have to offer do what is best for you I wish you the best.

The adult dating industry is much different today than it was in years past in all honesty and from my experience I can only say that I found success using a handful of adult dating websites and yes for the record I do sign up for a lot of dating websites I think online dating is fun and I enjoy the concept of bring people together via the internet that being said as far as adult dating websites are concerned the only site that I’m a fan of as of 2013 is Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder for those who don’t know is not just some sex site it’s a swingers dating website “hook up” sites need to keep coming up with new names because “hooking up” is not culture men and women don’t feel comfortable using these sites and that’s the reason most of them have the “Online Emissary™ Feature”. I have been on and off with Adult Friend Finder since 1999 and Adult Friend Finder has never had to change its name I will not guarantee people that they will “hook up” using Adult Friend Finder however what I can say I’ve had a way better experience using Adult Friend Finder than I did using Sex search.

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