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I bumped into this site erotic match today and I was quite surprised to see it actually and the reason I was surprised stems from the fact that I thought that these sex search type sites we’re long since vanished from the internet. I would say about 4 or 5 years ago these sites we’re rampant and although I’m not sure about this one in particular I know that sites like this one used to pay people mainly women to talk free members into becoming paid members.

Once those free members became paid members the female that tricked them into signing up wouldn’t respond to their emails until the paid members subscription was about to expire. Before forums got plagued by spam and workers for these horrible dating sites we used to test the results of using these adult rated sites and low and behold it was the same story over and over. Winks and messages to get you to sign up and winks and messages once your subscription was up for renewal.

They we’re doing this like clockwork. I honestly don’t even think these sites had female members. Sex search which is what the site was called at the time grew rapidly and crashed just as fast once we exposed them. I’ve been reviewing dating sites for 10 years now and the only one that’s survived the test of time has been Adult friend Finder.

The reason why you might be throwing your money away with

Starting a dating site especially now is extremely hard. If you watch television you’ll notice how much money dating sites or throwing out there in advertising to get people to trust their brand. Well Adult friend Finder has long since done that and continue to do that like no other dating company online partnering with almost every adult business online to solidify their brand not only to men but to women as well. Starting a dating site is one thing but starting an adult dating website is a completely different animal. As it stands now the only brand to trust in the online dating industry is Adult friend Finder.

Will every guy that signs up get laid? No, but your best chances to meet a female swinger online has to be Adult friend Finder. They have cam girls, Milf’s, 18+, models, wannabe models, BBW(Big beautiful women), skinny women, tall women, short women, midgets, cheating girlfriends, women that want to make porn video’s, until you’ve signed up you won’t get it.

What people don’t seem to understand about Adult friend Finder is that they’ve been doing this since 1999, like many others have been just seems like another fly by night operation.  As a member of  Adult friend Finder nothing surprises me anymore. One thing I have to mention however is if you live in a smaller town try to expand your search to the nearest big city for best results.

Final thoughts on

Personally I recommend staying away from maybe it might be the next big adult dating site in the future who knows? But as it stands now nothing beats Adult friend Finder. They have the best online dating experience for both men and women, they have the largest female membership in the online adult swingers industry and plus their fees are among the lowest of all the online dating sites.

Words of wisdom before you sign up for Adult friend Finder are don’t be shy, don’t be mean and remember these are real people behind these pictures. Don’t put your head in the sand if some ladies don’t like you, move on who cares! Be confident and give it your best shot Rome wasn’t built in a day and being the nature of adult online dating it’s highly advisable that you give any adult dating site at least three months. Women want to trust you first so try and use the approach of putting yourself in a woman’s shoes.

One last thing I want to talk about is what some guys call “being that creepy old guy” all I can say to you is if you consider yourself to be that creepy old guy you will be that creepy old guy. Being that I’m a veteran at adult online dating what I think you should be more concerned with in regards to Adult friend Finder are the “gold diggers” I been using this site for many years and one of my biggest concerns have been meeting gold diggers.

Some girls will want you just so they can start they’re modeling career or they’ll want you to be their sugar daddy or something yes some of the women are like that. Like I said previously there are real people behind these photos and some of those people have their own objectives in mind. That being said Adult friend Finder is the still the best adult swinger’s site online.

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