Review Is It a Scam?

Never pay for live sex again? I you sign up for the cam site is promoting you’ll soon realize that this statement is far from the truth. I’m not a fan of the website is promoting mainly because in actuality it’s more expensive for the user than some of the competition. If you notice as soon as you try to contact one of the models as a free member you’re automatically prompted to sign up. Personally I don’t think that is worth the time and I also feel as though signing up for exposed web cams would be selling me short because what they’re recommending is not completely free.

Personal thoughts on Exposed web cams

This type of site has been done before, the promotion is very familiar I guess if you’re new to webcam models you might find value in this but being that there is much better out there personally I would avoid using this service. That being said I don’t like people telling me what to do with my money so I won’t tell you. I honestly don’t like how the site is promoting is configured. I’ve used these types of sites on plenty of occasions and I’m very familiar with how this industry works. I’m not saying that company is working with isn’t good all I’m saying is I’ve seen better out there.

Final thoughts on

In all actuality using the site is promoting which presently for me anyway is is not that expensive. Where I take issue is that there is a lot better out there are adult dating networks for example that offer more for your money but I guess if you just want to watch women do things on cam the website is promoting does the job.

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