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Facebook’s massive data breach is opening a new can of worms

There’s an article written by Jacob Sonenshine titled Facebook’s massive data breach is ‘opening a can of worms that I recommend all my subscribers or readers take a serious look at. I’ve often wrote about this and why people shouldn’t be so quick to judge Ashley madison for their data breach because the truth is there are entities possibly foreign and domestic that are hell bent on getting your personal information.

I got some slack from a few people when Adult Friend Finder had their data breach and all I can say to those of you who weren’t listening then was I told you so. U.S companies have been under massive attack for quite sometime now. Yes Ashley Madison is a Canadian based company Adult Friend Finder is American and as many of you know I’ve been a supporter of law abiding, tax paying American owned companies for a long time, even when it’s not popular, even when others turn their backs, as long as the company isn’t blatantly scamming people I typically will give them their fair shake.

The actual article about the Facebook breach can be found by going here:

So what does this Facebook massive data breach really mean?

What this data breach really means is that blockchain technology might be arriving sooner than you think. I’ve never been much of a fan of facebook. I’m getting up there in age, I prefer my privacy I’ve never really been able to understand Facebook. All my predictions about Facebook’s future to date have been proven wrong. I’m shocked how much personal information people give away to Facebook. I would have never predicted it, I was I guess trapped in my own bubble, because in the adult industry we like privacy, if you were to join a live web cam sex site like Live Jasmin 18+ although open minded privacy is a key component for all members involved.

So when Facebook exploded the way it did I was shocked and well now that it’s so large a platform it appears more and more people are finding chinks or cracks in their Armour. Now with Twitter a social media site I’m a fan of, privacy isn’t really a concern because most people don’t write much about themselves on Twitter unless they are or plan on being a huge celebrity. Bottomline here any site can get hacked so be on guard. I wish you all the best.

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