Review Is It a Scam?

I have to say that the only reason that I know exists is because of a spam email message that made its way into my inbox. The spam email message stated the following:

Your new matches on

in the email was a bunch of pictures of supposed members of which to be fair could be real or fake. Now, I don’t know who’s behind the emails so I’m not going to blame anyone in particular, what I will say however is that on the contact page there’s a link to their Filipina Loves Facebook page and their contact page only has email support which I guess is expected from a dating site that’s free.

Personal thoughts regarding

Well it’s free, if you’re looking at FilipinaLoves as destination for international dating well it’s there and they do a good job slicing profiles by regions, no because it’s a free service and tell people this all the time but they don’t listen, there’s a good chance you can waste a lot of time. I’ve seen and heard too many of these stories were people either get played or taken for their money or the person isn’t who they say they were or the person simply plays cat and mouse with you. I personally don’t like free dating services, you usually get the worst of the bunch and it’s not clear if the members are serious are not.

I often bring up a Foreign affair for this very reason, international dating is time-consuming in many different ways, if you just want someone to chat I guess I get it a little bit, but my thing is why waste time chatting with someone that will most likely ask you for money when you can simply join a legitimate service like a Foreign affair that has proven results, a service that puts the ball in your court and matches you with legitimate people looking for a relationship.

Furthermore at a Foreign affair if you take them up on their romance tour offers, what happens you get to attend events where the men outnumber the women, meaning you’ll have more time to get to know the women in person in an environment where your time isn’t wasted. If you’re curious to know why the women outnumber the men at these Foreign affair romance tours it’s because only about 1/10 of my subscribers take me up on the offer. Most guys are too scared to come, most guys would rather waste hours upon hours on women that aren’t really looking for a mate but instead looking for a foreign guy to pay their bills.

a Foreign affair is not just a dating website it’s a service that specializes in events and making international marriages a reality, they have video testimonials, picture testimonials, written testimonials, verified pictures of engagements, marriages, they have a radio show, youtube channel phone, and email support. Being that a large segment of the Philippine population speaks English, translation services aren’t needed as much either. So it’s something to consider if you want to waste your time on free services that I’m getting spam email messages from.

Final thoughts regarding

Being frank I’m making this post because I was spammed, I wouldn’t know existed had it not been for the spam email message sent to me pointing me to their site, so based on my reviews I’m not calling them scam or legit I’m just giving my readers a fair warning about spammers and also free dating websites, it’s hard to know the real from the fake and the serious from the unserious when there’s actual financial commitment in place. I only recommend services I know work based on actual results and real-life testimonials. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

As most of you know by now, my focus is more on domestic dating, because  I come from the adult entertainment space I tend to focus on  Adult Friend Finder which is an American owned adult dating website, that offers everything offers and a whole lot more, Obviously Adult Friend Finder is a premium service but all women and men reading this post should consider joining Adult Friend Finder not only because it’s been online since 1996, but because there’s way more potential for you to find success on a lot of different fronts.

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