Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews “Filipino Cupid” found at is legit and not a scam. For the record, is part of the Cupid Media group of websites. I’m quite familiar with this network, I’ve used and tried this network and they’re not a scam. So if that’s your question, the answer based on my personal reviews is that is legit and not a scam

Personal thoughts regarding

Now, for the record, there could be members of FilipinoCupid who might not be legitimate, but the website is legit, why I personally don’t use them is because based on my own reviews and experiences Foreign affair is simply a better option in comparison and the reason I’ve come to this conclusion simply comes down to meeting in person.

Foreign Affair as a service is all about meeting in person, yes Foreign affair has an online component that it expands upon every year, but I began writing about Foreign affair because when I actually used their services, they actually do everything you wish every other dating website would do, which is they created a real-life environment which allows you to meet someone you’re interested in online in person.

In the past I’ve written about free options to meet foreign women in person over online dating services. I’m serious about that. In my past life in adult entertainment, there was only one dating website we used to recruit and I write about that website all the time.

But the shocker for me, post adult entertainment was comparing Foreign affair to everything else. All of the other services, don’t have the video, audio, written and pictorial testimonials Foreign affair has, there international dating websites also don’t have the infrastructure Foreign affair has and they’re not dedicated to people meeting face to face in the way Foreign affair does it. I can’t stress it enough that if you’re serious about international dating you have to consider Foreign affair.

Final thoughts regarding

It’s a very good international dating website, now don’t take this as me recommending Filipino Cupid, but I like to be fair, even to the services I’m no longer a member of. I’ve tried Cupid Media related websites before and I don’t have any complaints, it’s just that I find them to be very time-consuming.

In the end, international dating is nothing easy, and if you’re going to get involved I just believe you should do it with a dating website, that doesn’t specialize in meeting in person. With that said FilipinoCupid is worthy of your consideration. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Filipino Cupid should be sent to their staff directly.

I forgot to add that Foreign affair is an international INTRODUCTIONS SERVICE  focused on meeting in person. Now, what you’ll get a lot of times with international dating websites and trust me I’ve gone through it is problems with transparency, problems with members not being serious, time wasters, when you’re a member of Foreign affair pay close attention to the professional photos taken.

The women at Foreign affair take these professional photos because they’re serious about finding a partner. Don’t allow this to fly over your head. In the Western world, a lot of people have a belief that can or should defer their love life to a later date, the women and people who use Foreign affair take their lives way more seriously.

Time is precious, your time is precious unless you voluntarily want to be alone, you shouldn’t be. That’s why I keep saying over and over again try Foreign affair because they take your time very seriously, the members are serious about finding a partner and your age doesn’t disqualify you from love when you use the Foreign affair platform.

I’m not sure how much more clearer I need to be about the seriousness of finding a partner and how well designed their Introduction service is. Don’t leave your love life to chance!

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