Review Is It a Scam?

Now, as many of you know I write a lot of reviews about online dating websites. About a decade ago I was scammed, this scam dating website not only set me back a few hundred bucks but it taught me a lesson about reading the terms and conditions prior to joining. So one of the first things I did was read the terms of service which can be found by going here: As a person who frequents New York, their address which as of April 12, 2019, is:

The Dating Company, LLC, 334 Cornelia St, #104, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Is a location I’m familiar with because I’m well aware of the Plattsburgh Mail & Shipping Center and their PO.Boxes. Now, this doesn’t make a scam, because a lot of legitimate companies use P.O Boxes, but I will admit that based on my reviews this made do more investigating.

Personal thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews seems legit and doesn’t appear to be a scam if you’re wondering if FirstMet and 50more are similar companies you’d be correct. I can’t confirm if they’re owned by the same company but as of this publication, they’re definitely working together in some sort of partnership. Now although I don’t think is a scam, I’m not giving them an endorsement either.

As many of my readers know, for older men who are struggling to find happiness I often recommend Foreign Affair which is an international dating service, that for most men can be life-changing as for many of them they finally in a situation where they feel appreciated. As many people are learning suicide rates are up amongst men and I like to do my part to address this. So if domestic dating isn’t working for you consider Foreign Affair, U.S women are also free to join, but what really separates Foreign Affair from online dating services is that they’re an introductions service.

A brief explanation of an introduction service is that although Foreign Affair does have online communications, the main objective of joining is to meet in person. This is, of course, the Pro and the Con to joining Foreign Affair, your adult age doesn’t matter as much as your commitment to finding a relationship. Earlier in this post I mentioned that appears that it might have a P.O Box address, well Foreign Affair as a legitimate physical brick and mortar address, with actual Americans working there serving American and global consumers. You can call or email Foreign Affair and you can book upcoming singles tours dates. They’re a U.S based company that abides by U.S laws and if they usually do their best to meet the demands of their existing customers

One of the reasons I focus on only a handful of legitimate dating websites is that many of us women and men in western countries have unfortunately been taught to put career first and our relationships second, well I write reviews to remind readers that finding a relationship is equally important. If pursuing a relationship is something you want to do, do it!

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews FirstMet appears to be legit and not a scam, I want to make it clear that this isn’t an endorsement or recommendation to join First Met, I’m not an active member of theirs. With that said I can’t also confirm their location. So any questions or concerns you have about them should be sent to their staff directly.

In regards, to dating domestically, I simply can’t argue with results I’m a huge supporter and member of Adult Friend Finder which is an adult dating website that’s been online since 1996. With that said, in this instance, you’d want to consider trying Senior Friend Finder which is similar to the relationship between Firstmet and 50more. I have to point out that I’m a not a member of Senior Friend Finder I’ve only heard feedback success stories about it.

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