Review Is It a Scam?

With so many scams online people have to ask question before handing over their credits “Is this thing a scam?” Well in the case of it’s clearly not. In fact has done one of the jobs that I’ve seen operating their business in an honest manner. If you visit even their landing page which is often a page that dating sites use to lie about what they have offer clearly says “Thousands join every week” Which is verifiable just by doing an Alexa search on

My personal thoughts on

I think the concept is great there are gay dating sites, Big beautiful women dating sites, swinger dating sites, free dating sites so in this day and age we’re healthy eat is encouraged have put themselves in a position to profit greatly from people who are looking to date other people that are in shape. If you’re in shape I think it’s only right that you date someone that is in shape as well. Likes attract likes and great relationships are formed. Of course nothing is perfect but it’s a start in the right direction.

Final thoughts on

I like it’s a good site with massive potential I’m sure that when you read this post will have added few extra thousand members to their database. If however you haven’t found any success using I recommend going to dating site that has a much larger membership. Be warned that this site is for a much more mature crowd. It’s a swingers dating website and it’s a lot of fun there are different types of members which also include members that are fit and in shape.

Adult Friend Finder remains tops on my list for online dating sites and the reason I like Adult Friend Finder  is because the people there are open and there network has over 40 million members worldwide and growing. Adult Friend Finder is not your average site and If you give it some effort you’ll see why they’re one of the longest running adult dating sites online.

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