Review Is It a Scam?

Just in time for spring I guess up pops Free lifetime fuckbook I would sign up however what I will say to anyone considering signing up you might also want to check out They’re both the exact same website with different web domain names. I’m not a fan of this site mainly because of their name “Free lifetime hookup” call me old fashioned but if you call your site “free” most people are going to think you’re site is free.

If you think is free I challenge you to sign up and see what happens!

Personal thoughts on

Men and women reading this post that are on a budget and want to use some form of free dating I will name a few free dating sites you might want to consider. and other free avenues you might want to consider are Facebook and twitter or any free social media site. However when you try any of these free dating services I think many of you will run into the same problems that plagued me for a few years which we’re people that aren’t serious.

Free dating comes with a price a price many of us have learned the hard way that being said isn’t 100% free. I’m just not understanding why the owners would give their site a name like Free lifetime hookup if their site and all its features weren’t 100% free a name like that especially in adult dating is sending a very strong statement! If you’re sending a strong statement in my opinion you should deliver. Personally I’m not a fan of this site!

Final thoughts on

I don’t like this site I won’t call it a scam I won’t call it legit what I’ll say is I won’t recommend it to friend I’ve reviewed their other site didn’t like it my reviews however might be different from yours so if you’re interest sign up with them. That being said I will not be recommending to anyone at this time or the foreseeable future.


Adult dating for those of you that have actually tried it is not the same as traditional dating because adult dating sites have to please a crowd. The major problems that traditional dating sites like match or eHarmony face is keeping people active on their site. This is why they frequently have to advertise on the television because only a small percent of the people that sign up ever upgrade.

Adult dating websites the legitimate ones don’t just men and women to sign up they entertain their users. Why do grown men watch WWE wrestling? We all know it’s scripted but what does WWE do that other sports don’t do? They entertain and they put on a show for their fans this is how you keep people coming back without spending millions of dollars on advertising. I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll say it again Adult Friend Finder is light years ahead of the competition.

If any of you watch day time television you’re starting to hear more and more instances of people hooking up on adult dating websites I’ve been an on again off again member of Adult Friend Finder dating back to 1999 back then honestly I wasn’t even interested in telling people about the site. I only starting blogging about this industry because since word came out that Adult Friend Finder was with a half billion dollars everybody including the porn industry wanted in on the action I saw this coming and that’s why I started blogging about it.

I have to add a disclaimer to all my post and tell people that my personal success won’t reflect yours, If you’re reading this I will tell you with absolute certainty that I’m a freak! I do things most people won’t do that being said if you’re a reserved person on if you’re shy Adult Friend Finder or adult dating in general is probably not for you. In the past I would just say yes this is the best dating site in the world sign up but now that I’ve seen how some of you operate around the other sex I’m not going to talk or write like that anymore. If you’re interested sign up if you’re not or if online dating isn’t for you go to a bar or night club or just mix and mingle if online dating was for everyone then everyone would be doing it.

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