Review Is It a Scam?

When I first saw the site I thought it was now obviously these two sites are owned by the same person and I’ve already written about freelifetime fuckbook so I won’t waste too much time talking about what appears to be its twin sister. This adult dating website “Freelifetime fuckbuddy” in my opinion should be avoided for a number of reasons the number one reason I would avoid this site is what they do with your private and personal information.

If you haven’t done so yet you should really consider reading their terms and conditions namely Section C. section 5. Content Posted on the Site. Where they’re very blatant about what they’ll do with the information you provide to them. I’ve seen sites like this before and the worst part is not only the spam you’ll receive in your email address but also all the different places you might find your profile. This “Free” site comes with this strings I highly recommend avoiding this site.

Personal thoughts regarding

My personal thoughts towards is avoid, avoid, avoid this site not only want access to your personal information but they have every intention of getting you cell phone to send you SMS messages and possibly sell your phone number to third party services. I don’t like one bit and I highly recommend people stay away from this site. The decision is yours but personally I would give this site a 0/10 I do not like this site one bit.

Final thoughts regarding

I’m not a fan I’ll never recommend this site to a friend I would call them a scam because they tell you what they’ll be doing in their terms and conditions however I would call them legit either. I signed up with their other site using fake information and the spam section of that inbox is filled with junk mail my review is is a crappy site that I won’t be recommending to anyone. That being said don’t allow personal feelings to stop you from signing up.

One of the reasons I starting blogging is because of the financial valuation of an adult dating website called Adult friend Finder hit the web. At the time I believe Adult friend Finder had 20 million members but the what surprised everyone is that Adult friend Finder was worth over 100 million dollars some of you might say who cares right? But what caught everyone of guard was how they were able to do it. for example has commercial advertisements all over the place they even have Msn promoting them on their front page and truth be told if ever stopped marketing themselves over the television they would start to lose money very quickly. Adult friend Finder on the other hand at that time reached 20 million members using the internet and also through word of mouth advertising. How were they able to do this you ask? Because as a swingers network they we’re in high demand to make a long story short now everybody is copying them and this is why there are so many adult dating scams rampant throughout the internet. This is the main reason I started blogging.

I have to disclaimer that Adult friend Finder isn’t for everyone however I can attest that based on my experience using them and my personal success they’re by far the best adult dating network online I’ve known about them since 1999 it’s 2013 and I’m still a member in my opinion it’s the best dating website online.

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