fuckbook scam

Pretty pictures of really beautiful women. Come on don’t act like it didn’t get you too. Those were sweet delicious beauties. But as most of you probably found out by now those women are nothing more than models and can not be found in your local area. Well maybe they can depending on where you live but i wouldn’t bet on it.

What is Fuckbook

FuckBook seems to be a bootleg facebook used to drive web surfers to website called Fling.com or hot.fling.com is what i saw in my browser right here in Upstate New York. So the better question at this point would be is Fling a Scam

Fling.com Scam

It wouldn’t be right for me to call Fling a scam although i have personally used it with no success i wouldn’t call it scam because when i cancelled i didn’t receive any extra charges on credit card bill. However i have to admit these guys(fling.com) really fooled me this happened last year and was one of the reasons i started researching these adult based dating websites.

Fling.com wants to be Number 1

I didn’t quite understand what was going on until i signed up with Adult friend Finder . Which is currently the number one adult dating website in the world apparently they have a monopoly in this industry which means adult friend finder is only adult dating website with over a million real women worldwide that are actually looking for a sexual encounter.

Now depending on your location these women can be all types of things i am speaking from experience here lots obese, thick and slim ladies reside in Adult friend Finder  many of them with a huge following. MILF’s, insecure, pretty, not so pretty, weird, you name it its there.  When you sign up or if you’ve signed up you’ll get what i mean.

I can say with absolute certainty it is best of the best. I met several ladies through Adult friend Finder didn’t marry any of them lol but they were all nice and open minded.

FuckBook is using the current success of facebook to promote their website i personally don’t see anything wrong with it its just marketing I guess but based off my personal experiences with Fling.com i wouldn’t recommend you join. none the less this is only my opinion and don’t let my opinion stop you from doing what you want to do thanks for reading good luck

Click here for the Adult friend Finder website

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