Is a Scam

To quickly answer the question is a scam? The answer is no but the important thing to note is what this site is typically used for. Have you ever been to one of those free adult movie websites before? Being that Adult Friend Finder is largest adult dating website online and many people have become desensitized to their logo’s Adult Friend Finder has allowed larger adult rated sites to co-brand brand meaning that they (Adult Friend Finder) allow other sites to create duplicates so that they can basically use Adult Friend Finder‘s large membership base under their own domain name.

Bigger membership base means more chances of success

Without Adult Friend Finder would most likely be like all the other adult dating scams out there that lure you in with fake or paid employees just to get you to sign up. As it stands today Adult Friend Finder has a virtual lock on the adult or swingers online dating industry. Personally I’ve been using Adult Friend Finder since 1999 but the reality is that they’ve been online since 1996. This gives them a tremendous advantage over their competition not only that but you’ll notice that Adult Friend Finder has only a few hundred complaints online and considering that they boast a membership of over 30 Million users and growing worldwide that’s some great stats.

How to be successful at adult dating

Are you a shy person? If you are you need to shake that off before you start using this service. It’s important to note that depending on where you live there are more men than there are women using adult dating sites but the good news is that only a 1/10 males stick around long enough to get success. Have you ever walked into a nightclub in a one night and left with 10 women you never met before? Most men would answer no to this question; Women want to get to know you first get comfortable with you remember there are stalkers and crazy people on and offline and a Woman needs to feel comfortable with you before she’s willing to hook up with you.

This is the main reason why some guys are really successful at Adult Friend Finder and most guys are not; it’s patience. Another thing I want to point out is age, if you’re between 45 and 65 I personally don’t recommend going after women 25 and younger my recommendation is start at 26 and up. 26 – 34 are still good ages most women are typically not stuck in there ways at that age and they typically look just as good as they did if not better at that age range.

Plus what I’ve found is women around that age from my experience are more mature and more open and not as easily influence by their friends opinions. Creepy is typically a word used by women who are still influence by what their friends think trust me when I say that as a middle aged mature male you don’t want to be around that type of volatile crowd.

Final thoughts on

Again it’s not a scam but if you don’t feel comfortable using it just sign up to Adult Friend Finder directly. There are no guarantees with online dating but I highly recommend going to the swinger’s site that has the best reputation and largest membership base of both women and men.

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