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Posted: 11th February 2012 by Tracy in dating
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Is Fucksexygirls.net a Scam?

To answer the question is Fucksexygirls.net a scam my answer is No. But I’d recommend staying away because like I’ve written about BeNaughty in the past at the moment I’m not a fan of the Benaughty network and Fucksexgirls.net as it stands today in 2012 is a part of the Benaughty network. I’m going to try their service again maybe June 2012 but the last time I joined my experience with them was horrible. I get the entertainment side of things with them but I find their service unprofessional at the moment plus I also find their service too expensive considering the actual male to female ratio.

My personal thought is that the Benaughty network should do a better job recruiting Female members. They do an excellent job recruiting male members but their female membership base is so tiny and I live in a city with over 6 million people. At the moment and until further notice as far as Adult swinger dating networks go the best on the market currently is Adult Friend Finder if you can’t find anyone there and this goes for both males and females it’s probably better that you avoid adult dating sites for now.

Final thoughts on Fucksexygirls.net

If you want to try the Fucksexygirls.net services I recommend sticking with their free service, if you go pro with Benaughty and have a bad experience don’t say that I didn’t warn you. For Me Adult Friend Finder currently is a better option. I’m not going to give the whole you’re guaranteed to get laid story because these are real men and women on this network and they can all choose to like or not like you but what I can say is Adult Friend Finder has the best online off line marketing team and they do the best job recruiting and keeping male and female members.

I’m an on again off again member of Adult Friend Finder I didn’t meet my current girlfriend at Adult Friend Finder but I have met a number of women there. Be warned and I’ve said this before in some other posts some of the women you’ll meet at Adult Friend Finder are strung out on drugs, some of them are thieves one girl I met through Adult Friend Finder stole a Gold chain from me that I received when I went to my only trip to India I like to collect things when I take trips and that really pissed me off because she never admitted to it and I know she did it because things in a 2000 square feet condo don’t just disappear into thin air.

Don’t be an idiot like me watch these women when they’re in your home. Lastly I recommend actually participating in Adult Friend Finder most guys sign up and just wait or they don’t give it 100%. Whatever dating site you join remember that effort is required, don’t sign up and be that loser in the club all by himself in the corner, ever noticed when you go to a parties that the people that socialize and even at times act the dumbest wind up attracting the most attention.

This is not rocket science it’s because they give it 110% effort when you give anything your full effort you’ll find the reward at the end. I hate seeing all these scams about online dating secrets there is no secret the secret is give it some effort, I don’t know about you but I don’t like to waste my money without getting some reward out of it so if you’re going to sign up do yourself a favor and have some fun.

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