Review Is It a Scam? just sort of popped up out of nowhere. I’m not writing this post just to say that is a scam but what I am saying is that this site is really new and based on the presentation and the name I personally would not join it. That being said this shouldn’t stop you from joining it. Being that is targeting a specific group of people it’s understandable that it would have such a low Alexa ranking. There aren’t that many people globally that are specifically looking for older women.

My personal thoughts on

I’m not a huge fan of sites like these that are designed specifically to target men. Websites like Granny hookup make me wonder where they get their female members from. I have never heard of until recently. One thing I will say on the positive side of things is that at least doesn’t boast that it has millions of users when it doesn’t. This is one of the main reasons why I won’t call a scam however I wouldn’t use it. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I’ve never found hard to talk to older women?

Final thoughts on

I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their money if you want to sign up with go ahead, all I’m saying is I’m not a fan. I like the idea of but I don’t like their presentation nor do I like their domain name I also question if they have any real female members being that I haven’t heard of this dating website until recently. In my opinion if you’re looking to date older women it’s a much better idea to try a site like Adult Friend Finder. Even though Adult Friend Finder  is not catered to only older women many of the male and female members at Adult Friend Finder  are older.

Adult Friend Finder  has over 40 million users and this number continues to rise daily and it continues to rise organically. Most of the larger dating networks are reliant on commercials to grow their brand, people join Adult Friend Finder because not only is Adult Friend Finder a swingers dating site it’s also very entertaining it’s social and being a member of Adult Friend Finder  has enabled me to meet people I doubt I would have ever met otherwise. Adult Friend Finder  is not for every but it’s still to this day a dating site everyone wants to try at least once.

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