Hi5.com Review Is It a Scam?

I’ve always been a fan of Hi5.com and I still think that Hi5 is one of the best social media sites online. Facebook as we all have been observing is now stuck in an interesting position a position that Hi5 will never have to worry about as long it doesn’t pry too much into people’s private life. Facebook has a lot of people’s private information and what Facebook is trying to do is soften up its users into allowing advertisers into their private Facebook life. Hi5.com as it stands now will never have this problem because Hi5.com doesn’t intrude the only thing Hi5.com does is ask user for their email address.

Personal thoughts regarding Hi5.com

In In December 2011, Tagged acquired Hi5 Networks Inc so if you’re a long time Hi5.com user like me you’re now a member of Tagged also for those of you hiding under a rock this makes Hi5/Tagged the 3rd largest social networking site behind Facebook and MySpace. The one thing about Tagged that bothers most people that they don’t know whether a person’s Hi5 profile is real or fake. Because Tagged is free to use a lot of scammers use it personally it doesn’t bother me much but it does bother most people to a point where they won’t log on that often

I like Hi5.com and think it will survive the test of time if you’re looking to meet people Hi5.com is a good free option.

Final thoughts regarding in Hi5.com

Personally I like Hi5.com it’s a good free option to meet people just beware of the scams if someone starts asking you for money before you meet them don’t be smart ignore them and move on. Generally reviews for Hi5.com have been good the only complaint you might hear s spam complaints which isn’t necessarily their fault. Hi5 is legit just be careful who you share private information with.



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