Hislut.com Review is it a Scam?

Hislut.com is a part of the benaughty.com network. I’ve written about why I don’t think people should join dating sites associated with the benaughty network before. In a nutshell unless you’re guy I don’t recommend using the Hislut.com network because majority of their members are males because that’s the market they cater to the most. Unless a dating website has a lot of female members on it I don’t recommend joining.

Most adult dating websites only target the porn industry and majority of the people that watch porn are males. Yes females watch porn also but as most of us know the porn industry consists of a very larger male population. Don’t let me stop you from joining Hislut.com I don’t like people telling me what to do so I won’t tell you what to do all I’m saying is that based on my personal experience I think there is better out there.

Dating sites I recommend joining and why

In my 10+ years of online dating and also contributing to major forums there are only a handful of dating websites that people should join in my opinion match.com, plenty of fish and Adult friend Finder. Plenty of fish is largest free dating site online I’ve met a number of women on there, for a free site it really delivers the problems I face with plenty of fish however is that it’s free so most of the women there don’t respond to you because there is so much competition. Plus because Plenty of fish is free they have a lot of fraudulent accounts set up. In many instances the hottest girls on Plenty of Fish don’t even exist, or unattractive women will post fake pictures of themselves to get responses “everything free comes with a price”.

My other dating website I like is match.com however with match from my experience it takes a long time to get a response because most of the hot girls don’t have any incentive to become paid members. Plus the women who do join are typically looking to settle down or they’re only there because a friend or family member asked them to join. Match is good don’t get me wrong but the female audience on that site is somewhat difficult to penetrate.

The last site I recommend trying is Adult friend Finder which by far is my favorite and the reason it’s my favorite is for one it’s the largest dating site online and secondly it caters to a mature adult audience at a fraction of the cost. If you visit most of the dating sites online they basically want you to pay $110 upfront just become a member. This is not the case with Adult friend Finder in fact Adult friend Finder is one of the least expensive dating sites online.

Another thing I like about Adult friend Finder is that they market in places online that women frequent. This is why Adult friend Finder has such a large female population. Besides this Adult friend Finder caters to the needs of both men and women. Their entire dating site was built with this in mind; Adult friend Finder didn’t just build a dating site in built a dating community this is why they continue to grow.

Final thoughts on Hislut.com

I didn’t spend too much time talking about Hislut.com in this post because Hislut.com is a part of the be naughty network and I’ve already shared my opinion about them. I don’t recommend joining Hislut.com but don’t let my opinion stop you from joining.

Being that Hislut.com seems to want to cater to the adult dating industry my guess is that most of the readers of this post are looking for an adult dating website. As it stands today the best adult dating website right now in January 2012 in my opinion is Adult friend Finder. Joining Adult friend Finder doesn’t guarantee you anything but it definitely provides its members with the best opportunity to meet someone.

Click here for the Adult friend Finder website

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