Is a Scam

If you’ve signed up for my personal advice is to be extremely careful. I signed up a few weeks ago I didn’t post a single photo nor did I write anything about myself and I received multiple winks and messages from women in my area all of whom only had 1 photo. Because I’ve joined Adult Friend Finder in the past I have a pretty broad understanding on how things work on these adult rated websites. Any adult rated website you go on one thing I know for a fact and that is women won’t contact you unless you have a picture of yourself.

My personal experience with adultfriendfinder educated me on what grabs women’s attention on adult sites and also how women act on adult websites. The truth is with adult rated websites women will most likely only talk or wink at wink if you’re an upgraded member. This shows them that you’re serious, anyone can create a FREE profile. If women start contacting you and you’re a free member there’s a good chance that website is a scam and not to be trusted

Hornymatches review

The website in my opinion looks very cheap and unprofessional and most of the pics I seen in their site look like they we’re stolen from other websites, personally I recommend staying from it. Like I said above I received a lot of winks and messages and I didn’t even write anything on my profile I can guarantee that if you sign up the same thing will happen to you. Of course i’d like to believe that i’m the sexiest guy in the world and women love me where ever I go but the truth is this site just looks and acts like a scam. I will only be a free member and I will never even consider upgrading my membership.

milf-date and are owned by the same people

Before signing up or upgrading our membership check out first it’s the same company doing this and the company is located
DG International Limited
Amory Building
Victoria Road
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Saint Kitts and Nevis, NA —
(888) 333-0285
Fax:(888) 333-0285 shares the exact the same location and has a similar reputation. Personally I would avoid both. The only adult website that I’ve used that works with a solid reputation is Adult Friend Finder. There is no such thing as a perfect adult dating site but the best one from my experience has been Adult Friend Finder both women and men might need a degree of patience when signing up

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