How to Make Your Penis Bigger

There are several ways to make your penis bigger but the question one needs to ask himself is do I want my penis to increase in size temporarily or permanently. There are ways to do both i am sure many people have seen the movie Austin Power and remember the line “i lost my mojo” the audience when then come to find out that Austin Powers was using a penis pump. This in reality is a method people use to increase their penis size this called a temporary solution as this method will only make penis bigger when the penis is erected.

How 2 make your penis bigger Temporarily – or get harder longer lasting erections

I’m sure many of you reading this have heard of Viagra or Cialis this pills help men get longer and harder erections. These pills or supplements will temporarily make a males penis bigger. This is the most well known way for a male to temporarily grow his penis. Another temporary way to grow your penis is using Enhanced Erections Lubricant or oils as funny as it may sound to some of you this method instantly intensifies every aspect of men’s sexual performance and pleasure in the bedroom There is an article written on this very topic its called Common Questions asked about Erection Oil.

There are also creams to grow your penis they work in a similar way the oil mentioned previously you rub it on and for that period of time you may experience a hard long lasting erection. Last but not least is the patch Simply apply the water-resistant patch once every 72 hours to a clean area of skin on the lower abdomen the patch goes to work is suppose to give a person longer lasting erections when they are ready. There’s also an article on this temp solution called How Male Enhancement Patches Work

How 2 Make Penis Bigger Permanently

There are two ways to grow make your penis bigger permanently one is surgery the other is the penis extender. Going under the knife is obviously the faster method but make sure if you take this method that you find the best doctor that money can find side effects of this method is impotency which defeats the purpose if you ask me, before taking this route you have to sign a disclaimer with the doctor or surgeon so to me its just not worth it to go this route unless you have the money. The other method to growing your penis is using the penis extender this is the currently the only safe clinically proven method to permanently grow your penis size. This method  has no side effectsand it can also be used to correct Peyronie’s disease which is another word for having a bent or curved penis. Gain up to 3 inches in length. This topic has also been covered in a previous post for more information visit Increase Your Penis Size with The Penis Extender

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