How to grow your penis using pills

For the record herbal or natural penis enhancement pills are used to help men get harder and longer erections. They’re not used to permanently grow your penis. If you want to permanently grow your penis without surgery you’re going to have to use a traction device. Now a penile traction device with all natural supplements or pills can help speed up the process but just talking the pills and not using the traction device will not help the consumer in the long term.

The best pill and penile traction device combo pack

As it stands now the best penile traction combo pack is by far BathMate. That main reason for this is not just the price but the fact that Bath Mate doesn’t make their order process such a complicated one. If you go to other websites they will start you off with a basic design and then up-sell you until you they reach upwards to $1000 and this is before they introduce the herbal supplements to you. Bath Mate on the other hands has the most easy to use device as well as the customer support to back it up.

Why doing penile exercises with pills typically doesn’t work

Following a daily exercise regimen is difficult especially when you’re dealing with your penis plus if you do it wrong that’s months and months for nothing. On the other hand Bath Mate does all the hard work for you all you have to do is put it on take a few supplements and good to go. The hardest thing about using Bath Mate is being consistent, if you have laser focus to get to the results you want Bath Mate won’t be hard for you. But if you purchase it and then become skeptical that’s where most people fail so when you purchase it make sure it’s because you’re ready to get results.

Final thoughts on only using supplements to grow your penis

We’ve all seen it in our emails; some of us have seen it on T.V that we can grow our penis using some magic pill. Well we can but many of us can also do that for free. If you want to see a permanent increase in the size of your penis I highly recommend using Bath Mate. Also if you want to see faster results I recommend using Bath Mate with some form of supplement

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