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Depending on your age and also depending on your beliefs as male you may want to reconsider how you view online dating. I’ve watched the landscape change over the years with online dating. In the late 1990’s – around 2006 men we’re usually more superficial online than were women. Now especially in the western world for the most part when it comes to online dating women are just as, if not more superficial than men are when it comes to online dating. Why has this happened you ask? Because women for the most part are bombarded with messages from horny guys.

Now to answer the question is a scam? Based on my personal reviews The answer is No! But like I told a few of my subscribers most women are on mobile devices now, and there are a lot more apps competing for their attention. It’s hard for a lot of people to comprehend this but as I’ve been saying for years there should be an incentive attached to a dating website for both men and women. If there’s no incentive engagement will be low.

I’ve been around women and dating apps or dating websites and for you guys that don’t know how it works for most women is it’s one look, like, skip, pass or delete. Even if they like you at first glance based on my reviews they’re usually trying to find a reason not to like you. Some men consider this form of human behavior to be unrealistic, or to them this makes a dating website a scam. If you use a free dating website like you’ll find similar behaviors. For those of you getting up there in age like me, understand the world is changing.

Personal thoughts regarding

You all know I’m  not much of a Facebook guy, I come from the world of Adult entertainment and the way I see it facebook offers little value to anything I’m doing, so a dating app that has that social media feel to it is repulsive to me. I want my life for me and if I’m looking for someone to date I want to know that person has a wild side to them. is very much legit just not a dating site I’d recommend. If it’s not adult dating or international dating I’d recommend you just meet people the old fashioned way.

Final thoughts regarding

ILikeYou is legit based on my reviews ILikeYou is not a scam any questions or concerns you have about I Like You should be sent to their staff directly. No, I don’t recommend me, but that doesn’t me you shouldn’t give them a try if they interest you.

When it comes to online dating a lot of women and men are coming to realise what I’ve been saying for years. That… Adult Friend Finder is way ahead of the game. 1996 people, Adult Friend Finder began in 1996 it’s now 2017 they must have done something right? You all know I didn’t write about Adult Friend Finder much years back, because there was no need too. used to have intimate encounters, they got rid of that feature because they claimed barely anyone was using it, then a few years later Pof the worlds largest free dating website was purchased by Match,since then they haven’t been the same since.

Is Adult Friend Finder perfect? No, but many of you have started to see the light, women I ask you the question don’t you want real men? and for men aren’t you tired of having to pretend to be someone you’re not? To the LGBTQI community Adult Friend Finder reserved areas of their website for you while most of these traditional dating websites in many instances refuse to acknowledge your existence. If you find online dating boring consider replacing it with dating site that’s way ahead of the game.

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