Review Is It a Scam?

Unlike most of the adult x rated websites out there is exactly as advertised and if someone were to ask me I would tell them that is one of the elite adult communities online. The only complaint some people have regarding is that at times it can be rather complicated to use. Most people including me prefer easier navigation and also a site that specializes in one area. When a person lands on the webpage for the first time they might feel a bit overwhelmed which is why to a certain degree although not a scam a lot of people who love 24 x-rated chat prefer not to use Im Live.

Personal thoughts regarding is a great site, great management and an impressive resume they have well over 33 million members and they’re growing every day. has cash back offers and they have a vibrant community despite what some people might say you don’t have to pay to use ImLive however if you want premium access just like any live web cam community a fee is required. My personal favorite video web chat community is Live Jasmine and my reason for this choice is because Live Jasmine is a lot easier to use.

Im Live will take some getting use too and I think that’s why most people prefer Live Jasmine even though Imlive is a pretty good. I’m not one to get into the awards Im Live has received because as many of us know these awards don’t necessarily reflect the average user experience.

Final thoughts regarding

ImLive is a great website it’s legit it’s not a scam my review and experience using the site has been great my only complaint is it took me a while to grasp everything example being a credit holder and being just a free member it took me a few trips to their frequently asked questions section to fully understand how ImLive worked exactly even after doing this I personally found ImLive to be a complicated. I would recommend to a friend however I would warn them before joining if you sign up with you have nothing to worry about you’re in safe hands have fun and I wish you all the best.


When using ImLive I’m often reminded why I’m a fan of Adult Friend Finder. I meet a lot of people and one thing people typically prefer is a site that’s easy and has a lot to offer. Adult Friend Finder for me does that like ImLive Adult Friend Finder has over 20 million members in fact Adult Friend Finder has 40 million plus members. Initially Adult Friend Finder was a swingers dating website now it’s swingers dating and a sex dating website.

What make Adult Friend Finder the perfect site for me is my personal success using the site navigating the site is simple but the fun part for is getting to know the people that use the site. If you’re a conservative individual clearly Adult Friend Finder won’t be for you but if you’re an out going free spirit like many people are in 2013 then Adult Friend Finder is exactly what you’ve been looking for. I can’t promise or guarantee anyone success I can only speak for myself when I say that Adult Friend Finder in my opinion is by far the best adult dating website online.

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