Review Is It a Scam?

InstaBang dot com lol! When I first heard this name I honestly laughed on and off for about 5 minutes. Instagram is the name that comes to mind when I think of and I think they were trying to label themselves as the X-rated version of Instagram online. Unfortunately although located in the United States did the cardinal sin of adult dating by employing members to talk to other members in order to get them to sign up. As many of you know by now adult dating is extremely competitive especially now and that being said there is only 2 legitimate adult dating websites that have survived the test of time terms and conditions

I understand the need for adult dating websites to protect themselves from legal suites and I’m pro American business but people should consider reading the terms and conditions before signing up namely the section that reads “Compensated Members”  People interested in joining InstaBang can learn more by visiting their “terms” which can be found before signing up. It says the following:


” to enhance member experience and to encourage member involvement the Service may employ compensated members.”


You can learn more about this by reading the terms for yourself!

Final thoughts regarding

Personally I don’t think is a scam I wouldn’t call them legit either however based on my review I won’t be recommending them at this time. As of January 2014 they’re still pretty new and chances are all or most of their female members are compensated which for me reminds me a lot like Live Jasmin live sex chat. There’s nothing wrong with this it’s not illegal or anything but at least with Live Jasmin live sex chat I’m immediately made aware of how they operate.

The thing I do like about is they’re located in the United States which for me is good because they can be held accountable. Again however I recommend to people thinking of joining to read the terms and conditions first before signing up. Wish you all the best.

To the women reading this before signing up for Insta Bang I highly recommend that you check out Adult friend Finder first because Adult friend Finder has well over 40 million members and it presents a wealth more of possibilities. yes like any other dating site there are jerks that use it but Adult friend Finder has done everything in it’s power to not only protect members but to create an adult dating atmosphere that’s harmonious for all people involved.

They’ve been online since 1996 I’ve been a member since 1999 and if you ask anyone in the know Adult friend Finder is by far the best adult dating site online. Try it for at least 3 month’s and if you’re not shy participate because that’s the only way you’ll get value out of it. I wish you all the best!

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