Review Is It a Scam?

To quickly answer the concern if Jerk Mate is legit? The answer is yes JerkMate is legit and based on my reviews is not a scam. It’s part of the same company that owns Streamate which is basically a live webcam sex chat service. As I’ve stated in other posts the company that owns isn’t my favorite network, which is why I won’t write about them as often, but they’re still a good option and worthy of your consideration.

Personal thoughts regarding

As is often the case, going neck and neck for market share like Walmart and Amazon you have and Live Jasmin. Now, based on my reviews what makes Live Jasmin the better option is their attention to details. I find that Streamate and sites like do a better job marketing themselves, I see in more places than I do Live Jasmin but when you’re talking about the live interactive live webcam sex cat experience, try it for yourself not only is Live Jasmin the more cost-effective option, they’re also more keen on providing what the market wants.

Both companies have great customer support, I’d have to give Live Jasmin the edge in terms of membership 24/7/365 you’ll find someone very attractive to chat with on Live Jasmin whereas on you’ll notice that it fluctuates based on your time zone. But, that’s subjective, I have my standards that may differ from yours. Yes, like any other service you might find members on JerkMate who are also members of Live Jasmin but again because the latter has the larger membership you kind of see why I have them as my preferred preference.

Final thoughts regarding

Again is NOT a scam, they’re very much legit, in fact, you’ll notice that a lot of so-called adult-themed dating websites are linked to Any review claiming that is a scam is probably not legit itself. That company has never scammed me and I’ve known about them for over a decade. Any questions or concerns you have regarding JerkMate should be sent to their staff directly.

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