Review Is It a Scam?

To quickly answer the question, is JerkMateLive legit? The answer is yes! Jerk Mate Live is not a scam. So my readers are aware is part of the same network as Streamate, which I’ve stated on blogs and forums is 100% legit. Now, I like to add that the is not part of my favorite network however when I write my blog post I’m fair and unlike other reviewers who will bash a company for no good reason, I’ll tell you the truth. is trustworthy, I’ve never had any issues using this network and their staff will answer any questions you have about them prior to joining. It’s a very good company that’s worthy of your consideration.

Personal Thoughts Regarding

Well, Streamate, for the most part, has been a major player for years when it comes to live webcam sex chat services, they’ve been consistent however they haven’t been the best at least based on my reviews. The best live webcam sex service has been Live Jasmin which to date hasn’t really required any fancy gimmicks. Most people sign up to Live Jasmin via word of mouth, I have a lot of friends that are members of Live Jasmin and JerkMateLive but what all of them tell me is that they prefer Live Jasmin primarily because the emphasis Live Jasmin puts on the back and the front end of their website. Now, it’s something you’ll have to see for yourself once you sign up, but it’s been the consistent language I’ve heard when asking about comparisons. If the site sells itself people tend to gravitate to it, it’s really that simple.

Final thoughts regarding

Well, again based on my reviews Jerk Mate Live is legit, it’s not a scam, nothing to worry about when you join them. Of course, they’re not my first choice but they’re definitely a very close second and worth you considering joining. With that said any questions or concerns, you have regarding JerkMateLive should be sent to their staff directly, they have a pretty good support team.

When discussing Live webcam sex chat services, being that I’m a bit older I have to talk about the history briefly. Live webcam sex chats evolved from phone sex services which dominated the 1980’s and 1990’s, all they did was they added a video to it, because back in the phone sex era, people didn’t know who they were talking to, another avenue that was very popular since around the 1960s was swinging, which is where the concept of Adult Friend Finder came form.

When Adult Friend Finder a U.S based company swingers dating website was formed in 1996, what wound up happening was an increased demand for them to offer more services, which is why Adult Friend Finder caters to every sector it’s legally able too in the adult dating niche. I’ve been asked before, why Adult Friend Finder hasn’t expanded even further, well to answer the question in easy to understand terms the U.S government does have regulations that U.S companies have to abide by, this is why a lot of us have been members for years, it’s called Adult Friend Finder for a reason, some things should be discussed among adults and this is why the female, males, and other communities within the site have to take some time to familiarise themselves with them and how they work.

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