What you should know before joining an international dating website

If you’re considering international dating, there are a few things you should consider prior to joining any online dating service. First things first, the free international dating websites if you’re going to join one, make sure that you’re very knowledgeable about IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) especially if you’re an American, because these acts are enforced and I’ve heard too many stories about people who approached International dating all wrong and are now paying for it not only in money but also with time. Most of the people I know that are having issues with international dating met their partner of choice using a free online dating website or phone APP.

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I always tell mty subscribers, my readers, my followers what I know based on my experiences, so as I’m writing this post you try to understand that I’m intentionally using easy to understand language to avoid confusion, I also do not want to make international dating appear easier than it actually is. In American culture, in many western cultures we have very generous welfare programs, these welfare programs unfortunately tend to create an economical gender imbalalnce that most Liberal minded marxists individuals spend countless days and nights trying to remedey. if you read this article Washington Post Article titled: Social policies don’t always help women and men equally. Which ones work best? You can see why there are some people in western society who believe in socially engineering populations in order to serve what they perceive as the collective good.

Well, when dating internationally, what you’ll notice more times than not is that non-western cultures tend to view dating and marriage from a more simplistic and economical point of view. Men, in general, would prefer to avoid getting married until they’re able to take care of a woman financially. This is even true in western cultures, it’s actually always been true until the welfare state was created. The Welfare state is what’s often known as a social safety net and social safety nets exist primarily for women and children. So with the growth of the welfare state in Western societies a lot of western women have opted to be single, so now more than ever you have a lot of women in western societies living bachelorette lifestyles.

This, of course, has led to an increase in single men, who have dwindling options for marriage. Let’s be honest life is short, and for single men interested in international dating I don’t advise that you waste time using international dating websites, that do not have an option built in that allows you to be introduced to the person you’re interested in, in person. Why for years I’ve continuously recommended Foreign Affair is because not only is it a matchmaking service Foreign Affair is also an introductions service. Meaning that when you join Foreign Affair you’re not only looking at pictures of women, you’re looking at pictures of single women who are interested in dating you.

To understand Foreign Affair is to understand how much time, money and effort is put into these women who are looking to find marriage. Now, if you meet the average woman in the western culture, they’d love to do a professional photo shoot, however a lot of women in western society have been socially engineered to believe that a professional photoshoot is somehow vain or something only professional models do? Despite what you’ve been taught to think, it’s actually very abnormal for humans not to want to get professional pictures taken of themselves.

If you go to most art galleries of our European ancestors they’re littered with men and WOMEN who sat in positions for hours just to have an artist draw them. We’re no in an age with digital cameras on our phones and a lot of people have been taught that taking professional pictures of themselves is wrong? or silly? Well the women that you have the opportunity of meeting at Foreign Affair don’t take such a lackadaisical approach to life or to dating, these women know and understand that life is short and the window to meet a good man doesn’t come along but for so often, so they’ll do what’s necessary to stand out and this is equally important to men reading this because your window is closing also.

In the real world age is nothing but a number, current French President Emmanuel Macron is married to an older woman, current President of the United States Donald Trump is married to a younger woman. It took courage from both women to do something that in modern society is considered abnormal, but the happiness of these 2 women was more important than what other people thought of them.

I bring this up because international dating takes courage, I’ll be honest, most men simply don’t have the courage to date internationally, I’ve actually found that women tend to have more courage than most men. Because the gender majority of most the Foreign Affair singles tours involve the women outnumbering the men. Which is an indication to me that most international dating problems occur because a large number of men simply don’t take it seriously?

If you’re going to get into international dating, consider joining a U.S based service like Foreign Affair that will assist you in doing things the legal way, I know for many of you reading this the assumption is that international dating is easy and simple, I’ll warn you it’s those little missed details that can cost a lot of unnecessary time and money. I recommend the services I recommend based on experience, when you visit the Foreign Affair website consider reading the testimonials, they have video, audio, written and pictorial testimonials from real people who weren’t cowards, how actually showed up. It really is that simple and you’re never too old, because there are women of all ages who join, so there is no excuse.

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