Review Is It a Scam?

I’ve long since talked about the competition in adult online dating circuit in most of posts I’ve also broken down to people what’s really been happening in the adult online dating circuit and why there have been so many adult dating websites popping up all over the internet. That said now there is a new player in town that has in some I guess??? replaced Cupid PLC which in my opinion was straight up crap. I can’t speak on what exactly happened there but what I will say is a lot of times when scams get exposed and people start suing scammers will often just change their name. Anyway for those of you that don’t know yet is a part of Grendall Investments Ltd and you can learn more about this by reading the Loveaholics privacy.

Personal thoughts regarding

I’ve been using adult online dating since 1999 and one of the things I learned early on was to stick with dating companies located in North America primarily Canada and America reason being your personal information. is located in the U.K and as much as the U.K has better business laws in place than say Cyprus and other places I’ve personally never enjoyed the experience of using any adult dating website that is headquartered in Europe. The United States adult dating websites abide by much stricter laws which is why if you compare Adult friend Finder to any other adult dating website out there Adult friend Finder will come out on top by a long shot!

Final thoughts regarding

Dating websites are all about how much members a site has being that is brand new I have no idea where they could be getting their members from oh yea being that Cupid PLC was bought out from Grendall Investments Ltd maybe all the members were just transferred there. Personally I will never sign up for Loveaholics and if you do I highly suggest that you read and review both their terms and conditions and privacy policy pages. Are they a scam? I personally wouldn’t sign up or recommend them but don’t let me stop you from making adult decisions.

when it comes to online dating let me make something clear two American dating sites have been online since the very beginning and Adult friend Finder. Being that I’ve never had any plans to ever get married I’m a huge fan of Adult friend Finder and I’ve been using it since 1999.

If you’re looking for the perfect dating site the truth is it doesn’t exist some people like me for example get laid from online dating others don’t it’s just the way life works. When I join a dating site unlike most people I try it for a minimum of 3 month’s and I make a serious effort to chat and meet as much people as possible other people feel entitled to other peoples time which is why Adult friend Finder works really well for some people and doesn’t work for others but I don’t know how people can argue with 40 million REGISTERED users which is how big Adult friend Finder is with their registered memberships

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