Review Is It a Scam?

To start let me point out that is part of the Eclypse systems LP network and based on my reviews no LoveSwans is not legit and yes based on my reviews Love Swans is a scam. Man oh man what these scam dating websites will do to make sure people can not printout their terms, this is really disgusting, the lengths took to make sure that people were unable to print and make note of their terms. This kind of stuff isn’t funny and personally I don’t see what has to hide. Part of the terms
under the section: “1. ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGREEMENT. CHANGES. NOTICES” writes about

This Agreement may be changed by us from time to time and at any time at our sole discretion and without prior notice,

not a problem companies make changes all the time but why make it so hard to print their terms? You’re about to find out why! Terms of Use

The current location of can be found below, however be warned that it may have changed prior to you receiving this blog post, scam sites like these are known for disappearing and reappearing using a different domain and address

Eclypse systems LP (24 Station Square, Suite 16, Inverness, Scotland Uk, IV1 1LD)

If you decide to read the make sure you take a glance at section 12. SUPPLIERS. VALIDATED MEMBERS the wording used is really deceitful in my view and it’s why I consider them a scam of the worst order. where it states the following:

To provide the Service, we purchase services from various local service providers (collectively, “Suppliers”). Among other things, such Suppliers:
(i) act as “introducers”, that is, refer female members to us for registration on our Website (“Validated Members”);

I’m not sure if you understood the above terminology but what is basically describing is how they use words to describe features. It’s really sad what’s happening online today, I’ve written reviews on scams, but this one is amongst one of the worst scams I’ve wrote about in a very long time.

Now from what I could gather it appears that is trying to appeal to international daters. If you’re wanting to dating internationally Foreign Affair would be a far more superior service in this regard. I prefer giving my readers a brief education on how this stuff works prior to joining. Now one of the reasons I tend to leave the Foreign Affair service for a select few subscribers is because it does cost money to join Foreign Affair.

I’m not going to color code this stuff, international dating can be pricey and it’s not for everyone. Foreign Affair is an international dating service not a dating website and I have to point out also that Foreign Affair adheres to IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005). So everything they do is legal, Foreign Affair like most of the legit services I recommend is American owned, they have a physical address, a real phone number, real testimonials and also what’s called a Romance tour which are events they set up where you meet the member you’re interested in, in person.

Most companies try to duplicate the success of Foreign Affair but the truth is it’s hard, because their ratios of women out numbering the men are based on the mere fact that a lot of men simply don’t show up for the Romance Tours and that is honestly the only reason why the women out number the men.

Final thoughts regarding

everything about LoveSwans points to it being a scam, I do not think Love Swans is legit and based on my reviews I will not be recommending them to anyone at this time. If you want to sign up for don’t let me stop you but don’t say I didn’t warn you. For the record one of the reasons I’m writing this blog post is because people who joined or one of their affiliated websites were complaining about spam.

Again I don’t recommend LoveSwans so any questions or concerns you have about them related to spam should be addressed to their staff directly. Yes I know they make it challenging to contact them or print their privacy policy or terms so be warned of this stuff prior to joining , again I do  not recommend to anyone.

Above I wrote about international dating alternatives below, I write about the service most of my subscribers prefer which is Adult Friend Finder another American owned company. Adult Friend Finder is an adult swingers dating website that’s been online since 1996, unlike most of these scams that keep popping up Adult Friend Finder has survived the test of time , a scam doesn’t last over 20+ years. I will say Adult Friend Finder isn’t for everyone again it’s an adult dating website but it does cater to adult market with dating in a fun, entertaining way.

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